NordVPN marks tenth birthday by entering the antivirus market

NordVPN Anti Virus

NordVPN is already one of the best VPNs globally and offers a suite of online tools alongside its core VPN product.

As part of the Nord Security stable, NordVPN has moved rapidly towards becoming a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

In addition to their core software, NordVPN, Nord Security now also offer NordPass, which is a next-generation password manager to rival the likes of LastPass, NordLocker, a secure and encrypted cloud storage tool, and also NordLayer, an advanced network access security.

But as NordVPN marks its tenth birthday, it is launching a new product that it hopes will help to cement its place as one of the true behemoths of the cybersecurity world.

Threat Protection is NordVPN’s first foray into the world of antivirus software and promises to add yet more features to the rapidly expanding Nord Security stable.

What is Threat Protection?

Threat Protection is a tool that offers a comprehensive suite of security features that all NordVPN customers can use. It includes the ability to block trackers, phishing attempts, intrusive adverts, malicious websites, and infected files.

It has been designed to mitigate three main types of threats: web trackers and harmful apps, harmful websites, and infected files. It does this in very distinct and specific ways.

To tackle web trackers and malicious ads, something that a simple VPN service does not routinely address, Threat Protection basically blocks trackers entirely from your system.

Users can monitor and manage blocked trackers in real time to ensure that the service doesn’t detract from your internet experience, but the default setting is to block them all.

In protecting users from harmful and malicious websites, Threat Protection will display a warning prompt before the page loads to tell users that it is a potentially malicious site.

Users then have the power to exit without visiting the site, which should enable them to avoid being phished or have their data compromised in some way. Obviously, if users choose to continue to the site anyway, they are able to do so at their own risk.

Threat Protection can also be your first line of defence when you download files from the internet. If that file is malicious or infected somehow, Threat Protection will scan it and delete it to ensure you are not infected or your device compromised.

If the file is safe to use, it will download as usual and, of course, users will be able to see and manage a log of scanned files, so they know exactly what Threat Protection is looking at.

How Threat Protection works with NordVPN

Some readers who are familiar with online security tools may be thinking that this service is nothing new and there is no denying that the features that Threat Protection offers are not anything unique on their own.

But what makes this service different is that it is fully integrated into NordVPN. You no longer need a separate piece of software and an extra direct debit making its way out of your account to enjoy these features.

All users have to do to benefit from Threat Protection is sign up for NordVPN (if you haven’t already done so) and then download the latest OpenVPN version of their app onto your chosen device.

Once you have opened the app and logged into your account, all you have to do is visit the settings page and enable the Threat Protection feature, which you will find listed there.

Once enabled, Threat Protection will protect NordVPN users whenever the app is open.

It is important to note that Threat Protection will even protect you when you are not connected to a NordVPN server and are therefore not using their VPN service.

As product strategist at NordVPN, Vykintas Maknickas has explained, “With the introduction of Threat Protection, [NordVPN] will be able to offer more services and more comprehensive protection that doesn’t depend merely on your VPN connection.”

“Threat Protection takes what was once the task of antivirus software and merges it with NordVPN. [It] adds a layer of security to make your online browsing safer, cleaner, and more private.”

The launch of Threat Protection comes hot on the heels of the announcement last week that Nord Security has merged with rival VPN Surfshark.

As we noted in our report last week, NordVPN and Surfshark will continue to operate separately. Still, they will be sharing resources to enable both VPNs to innovate faster and better.

As NordVPN’s latest tech innovation, Threat Protection, shows, NordVPN remains right at the cutting edge of what VPN providers can offer to their users.

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