Netflix launches in Australia with poor movie catalogue

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Netflix has finally arrived on the shores of Australia and New Zealand. After years of being available in every other major entertainment market the online content streamer has now gone live in both Australia and close neighbour New Zealand.

Netflix newish to Aussies

Australian NetflixAlthough Netflix is new to Australia, Australians themselves are not new to Netflix. For years Australian consumers frustrated with local offerings and the lack of a regional Netflix have circumvented billing and region restrictions and signed up to Netflix using US postal addresses. With the use of a service such as a VPN a reported 200,000 Australians have been making use of Netflix in recent years even before it became officially available on their shores.

Now that Netflix is available in Australia users should rejoice, right? Well not exactly, although Australians can now officially sign up to the service their subscription enables access to a localised version of the site and as with other localised versions of Netflix such as the UK and Canadian sites there is a massively reduced catalogue of movies and series available to stream.

Content a little thin

While there are no official figures on how many titles the Australian Netflix offers or how this differs to the US site some early reports suggest that there could be as many as 7000 titles missing on the Australian site in comparison to the US one. While Netflix themselves dispute this figure they have not been willing to clarify exactly what the difference is suggesting that it may be quite substantial.

So while Australians can now officially sign up using their own details with local payment methods the choice of content is limited.

Luckily a quirk of the Netflix service is that when you have an account regardless of what region it is from you can login to the various regional variation sites and watch content that isn’t available on your local service. To do this users need to make use of a VPN service something which Australians have been well accustomed to for a long time to access Netflix unofficially.

Netflix Australia

Netflix offerings in Australia

How to access US Netflix in Australia

With a VPN Australian Netflix users can change their IP Address which changes the location they report to be in. Once they have changed their location to the United States they can then login to the US version of Netflix with their Australian account details and access the larger catalogue of shows. This also works for the UK and Canadian sites that sometimes offer movies or shows that aren’t available on the US version of Netflix.

While the US version of Netflix has by far the greatest number of titles available Australians now have the chance to access any Netflix site regardless of location.

VPN providers cost around US$5-$10 per month and providers such as IPVanish have connections in all the major Netflix countries. This allows you to alternate between countries with one VPN package and access all regional variations of Netflix. Three good providers we recommend for Australians wanting to access other Netflix regions sites are :-

  1. IPVanish
  2. VyprVPN
  3. HideMyAss

Once you’ve signed up simply download the provided software and connect to a server in the United States. Then head over to the Netflix site and login as normal. You will now have access to the full US Netflix catalogue.

You can also connect to a UK or Canadian server and access these localised versions of the sites too.

The future of Aussie Netflix

Netflix has promised to add more movies and series to the Australian version of the site and within the coming 30 and 90 days they expect the catalogue to grow. Although this is good news for Aussie fans the pace at which this grows will be left to be seen and if following suit of both the UK and Canadian sites the overall catalogue will never rival that of the bigger American counterpart.

So while Netflix are happy for users to login to all regional versions of the site Australian users and even those in the UK, Canada and elsewhere can make use of a VPN service to get more bang for their buck and gain access to a greater library of content for the same local account price.

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