Netflix Everywhere but the movie catalogue varies

Netflix Everywhere

Netflix has announced that its service is now available Everywhere.

The movie and series streaming service that has been slowly expanding around the globe has taken one huge swing to include nearly every major country in the world and aside from China, Crimea, Syria & North Korea you should now be able to sign-up and use Netflix in your location.

The announcement came at the CES 2016 show in Las Vegas, USA and was made by Co-founder and Chief Executive, Reed Hastings.

Netflix Everywhere

The unexpected development is great news for users in countries where Netflix hasn’t previously been officially available. Many users in those regions have used workarounds to access the service. Those that did can now access legitimately and those that weren’t able to take advantage of workarounds can now get their very first glance of what Netflix is actually about.

Netflix will now be regionally priced in the new countries where for example in India the prices will start at Rs.500, which is approximately £5.13 or US$7.47.

While news of the expansion is welcomed the sad fact remains that depending on the country you reside in depends on what content you get access to. As has been the case for many years the US version of Netflix has thousands more titles available than the counterparts in the UK or Canada and more recently Australia. For example, Better Call Saul is available on UK Netflix but not US Netflix.

One quirk of the Netflix service is if you travel to another Netflix enabled country (which is now nearly all of them) and use your Netflix account details to log in then you gain access to not your local movie catalogue from back home but the movie catalogue for the country you’re visiting.

Tech-savvy users realised that they could make use of a service called a VPN from companies such as IPVanish and ExpressVPN that have a large worldwide server base to mask their location and appear as if they’re in another country bypassing Netflix region locks and allowing them to access the full Netflix movie and series catalogue regardless of what country they’re in and what Netflix region they signed up to.

As Netflix is now available “everywhere” the localised catalogues for many countries will be limited but with a VPN service it will be possible to access any Netflix region and watch their content with one account.

What is a VPN and where to get one?

A VPN is a small piece of software or app that you can download for your computer or mobile device and within one or two clicks connect to another country. By connecting you assume that location’s identity and so Netflix ultimately thinks you are in that location and serves you up content from that region.

When you consider that the US Netflix service has thousands more titles available to watch than some other regions and regions like Canada and the UK have content specific to those locations then a VPN with Netflix which is now available “everywhere” will give you access to the entire Netflix catalogue.

Through my testing I’ve found IPVanish to be the best provider due to the speeds they offer, the ease of use and the range of countries available. Simply sign-up to their service using the orange link below, download their software or app, connect to a country of your choice (ie; USA) and then log in to your Netflix account as normal. You’ll now have access to a larger range of movies and shows all for your usual price.

A few other good VPN providers to consider are ExpressVPN and VyprVPN or if you want to research further then browsing our VPN Comparison Guide is a good start.

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