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This week Netflix vice president announced a crack down on VPN use.

Pre the release of Netflix across 190 countries many users used VPN services to access the service in countries it wasn’t intended for. While some users looked to gain access to the service with a VPN others use them in an entirely different manner.

Users who were lucky enough to be able to access Netflix in their country often found the content to be somewhat lacking and after tech-savvy users realised that more content was available in other regions they started to use VPN services to access that wider content.

VPN Netflix use coming to an end.. possibly… maybe.

This week vice president David Fullagar announced that since the expansion of the service to 190 countries they now intend to crack down on users who make use of VPN services to access other region’s Netflix content.

The reason Netflix offers different content based on region is due to licencing laws. While they often buy the licence for one show or movie for a collection of regions it often isn’t possible to do so for others. Due to this Netflix are bound to limit access to those regions in which the content was licensed and of course block it in those that it isn’t.

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Netflix catalogue expanded with a VPN

Netflix is being tight lipped about what method they aim to employ to block VPN users and the announcement makes me wary that the fix may be somewhat bluster to appease the movie industry and license holders. Netflix claims they use industry standards to block such users in line with what other services do, however specifics are limited.

Defeated blocking won’t be the first time

Other services such as Hulu and BBC iPlayer have within recent years attempted to block VPN users from accessing their services from regions it wasn’t intended for. After the initial frustration such blocks were easily overcome and often the VPN blocking was not repeated due to its ease of bypassing.

If Netflix has a serious attempt up their sleeves aimed at curtailing the use of VPN services to access greater content is anyone’s guess. The simple fact they could stop users accessing regions their account wasn’t associated with which would permanently fix the problem suggests that their proposed fix may be nothing but hot air aimed at calming the pressure from the industries that license the content.

Access more Netflix content

If you’re unphased by the recent announcement and want to access more content with your Netflix account then a VPN service is the way to go. Choosing a VPN service with access to many countries and good speeds such as IPVanish is the best solution as it gives the greatest range of regions and is consistently the fastest VPN provider we’ve tested.

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