Luma Guardian release proves VPN has gone mainstream

Luma Guardian

Luma the company behind the Wi-Fi mesh device of the same name has announced that their new product Luma Guardian will include VPN access as part of the security suite.

The addition proves that VPN usage has gone mainstream.

Up until just a few years ago the term VPN wasn’t commonly known and the privacy-protection solution was reserved for business, techies and security geeks.

With online privacy breaches becoming a huge issue in recent years companies are attempting to bring privacy protection in the form of VPN to the masses.

Luma Guardian

Luma Guardian is an all singing all dancing security app solution for iOS that is compatible with their Luma hardware device.

Features included in the app are namely anti-virus, ISP speed monitoring, priority tech support and of course the aforementioned VPN service.

Luma the company behind the app is marketing it as an app that brings a “personal IT team” to the household referring to the built in security suite and the US based live priority assistance.

While the marketing may be slightly fanciful it does prove that security solutions are becoming more accessible to the general public who care little about the workings of a system or device but who are increasingly concerned about their online privacy and security.

Currently there is little detail about the built-in VPN system. Users of regular VPN services will want to know how many VPN servers are available and in what locations, the privacy and usage policy of the VPN service and a whole host of other questions.


Luma Guardian is available for iOS devices via the free Luma app and costs US$5 per month (approximately £3.85). The app is available now on the Apple app store.

The initial monthly price is an introductory offer for the first year but there are currently no details about how much the service will cost after the promotional price expires.

With little detail about the eventual cost users should be cautious and prepared to cancel should the price become heavily inflated after the initial year.

New users to the service can get a 30-day trial of the service which will allow them to test it without charge.

Luma hardware device

Luma sells a hardware device that allows users to create a mesh Wi-Fi network in the home with the additional protection features of Luma Guardian.

Mesh Wi-Fi offers greater coverage within the home so rooms that are far from a traditional router don’t suffer poor or slow Wi-Fi coverage.

Currently the device is only available in the United States and Canada and starts from US$149 for one device with options for buying packs of 2 or 3 devices at a reduced rate.

Users interested in purchasing can do so directly from the Luma Website.

Luma and their new Luma Guardian have competition in a market that is becoming crowded with similar security products.

At the start of the year InvizBox launched their InvizBox Go device that contains not only VPN access but also Tor access and works as a Wi-Fi extender.

While the two devices are not identical in operation there are now multiple choices for consumers.

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