LiquidVPN Recorded Interview

LiquidVPN Interview

LiquidVPN InterviewOn Monday 27th 2014 I spoke with Dave Cox, founder and owner of LiquidVPN about his service. One of the aspects that we wanted to achieve was taking the usual written interview format and move forward breaching new areas to bring you a voiced interview. This allows answers to be more reactive and less premeditated making for a more interesting and thorough interview. Topics covered are not limited to but include :-

  • Background information on LiquidVPN
  • US jurisdiction thoughts in relation to Snowden revelations
  • Customer privacy & legal risk management
  • IP modulation
  • Server locations & server removal reasons, laws, DMCA etc.
  • Payment information, token based, bitcoin.
  • Ciphers and standards
  • Future plans
  • NSA & Government requirements

LiquidVPN InterviewThe audio is available in three different modes, streaming directly, download in MP3 and in Youtube format. Hopefully this will allow you to enjoy the interview in a format and way convenient to yourself. Total running time is 44:17 so feel free to copy this to your iPod or whatever other portable device you use and listen to it at your leisure.

This marks the inaugural interview for our site and over the course of the next few weeks we hope to carry out more voiced interviews with further providers.

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