LiquidVPN Launch Lifetime VPN Service $275

LiquidVPN lifetime VPN

LiquidVPN, a VPN provider known for their innovative modulating-IP protocol have launched a Lifetime VPN service for just US$275.

Christmas 2017 just got a little bit crazy with what has to be one of the deals of the century. An entire lifetime of VPN service for just $275 or approximately £206 of the Queen’s Pounds.

Sadly though, the deal is limited to the first 100 customers so if you’re after shoring up your online privacy for the rest of your life (or the life of the service – whichever demises first) then don’t delay and sign up now.

The lifetime account allows the service to be used on up to 4 devices at the same time and users interested in the lifetime deal can sign up using the activation link below:

Not only is the deal limited to the first 100 customers but it’s also time-limited too and will end on 7th December 2017.

Word of caution

With any deal that offers a lifetime subscription, there is always a little bit of risk involved.

If you’re in the twilight years of life then a lifetime deal might not sound all that appealing, on the other hand, if you’re a millennial then you could squeeze a good 50-60 years out of that one service.

You also need to consider that if the VPN service was to abruptly end then so would your service. LiquidVPN have however been one of the more reputable VPN providers in the industry in recent times and they’re no more likely to disappear than any other large provider.

The great news is, once you get over about 3 years you’ll have paid basically the same standard price as any other provider and anything over the 3 year marker will then work out as an ultra cheap VPN service.

About LiquidVPN

LiquidVPN was formed in 2013 at a time when many of the other most popular VPN services were created.

The service offers access to 10 different locations across the world mainly spread over North America and Europe with an additional server in Singapore covering the Asian and Australian region.

An app is currently available for Android with software for Windows and Mac computers making connection effortless and beginner friendly [See Also: Our Best VPN for Mac Guide]. An iOS app is expected to be released in early 2018.

Most well-known for their modulating-IP technology which takes one user VPN connection and makes use of a range of IP addresses to fetch every element of a users’ activity.

For example, when a single user accesses a single website every image, text, script, video and whatever else that makes up that site is fetched by a different IP Address.

This technology alone is exclusive to LiquidVPN and the privacy implications are obvious.

LiquidVPN was one of the first VPN services to pull servers in Russia after their privacy could not be guaranteed and one of the first to launch a warrant canary, ethical policy and remove the availability of the insecure PPTP VPN protocol.

If you’re interested in securing your online privacy for the foreseeable future with their lifetime VPN account then don’t delay.

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