LiquidVPN introduces AnyConnect VPN support

Cisco AnyConnect

LiquidVPN has today announced their support for the AnyConnect VPN protocol.

In the world of VPN services OpenVPN reigns supreme closely followed by L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and PPTP in terms of popularity. However Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN protocol which uses SSL offers something a little different to the standard and LiquidVPN are now fully (well, mostly) supporting its use.

Users of the LiquidVPN network are now able to install the AnyConnect app for iOS, Android or any other device it supports and connect to the LiquidVPN service.

AnyConnect calls itself “Way more than VPN” and introduces some exciting propositions for LiquidVPN users.

AnyConnect Benefits

One of the benefits of AnyConnect being trumpeted by LiquidVPN is its ability to defeat censorship. While there are no specifics of it beating censorship in countries such as China it has the advantage that it is a lesser used VPN protocol and so less likely to be on the radar of Chinese authorities.

VPN use is becoming more widespread and commonplace and in countries such as China and Iran there is huge uptake in VPN usage. The governments in these countries are ever attempting to restricted access to VPN services because they give users an unrestricted view of the world via a free and open internet.

In order to restrict what citizens view some countries internet regimes attempt to crack down on VPN use and although providers such as and others VPN services work well in China and other restrictive countries it can often be a hit and miss affair.

Users of iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad have the added advantage that AnyConnect is fully supported which gives Apple fans additional options for VPN connection.

AnyConnect is available in 8 different locations across the LiquidVPN network including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Los Angeles – US, Dallas – US and Atlanta – US.

LiquidVPN again pushing industry boundaries

With the explosion of the VPN market there are hundreds of different providers and options which can be confusing for the general user.

Most VPN services offer similar services. While some are better than others the range of options available in terms of connection is often rather standard.

VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP are most commonly offered with SSTP supported by some providers.

Outside of these options there are very few commercial public VPN services that offer differing choices. LiquidVPN is one provider who is using their smaller structure to push the boundaries of the VPN industry.

LiquidVPN becomes one of a very select few providers who offer the AnyConnect function and this isn’t the first time they’ve pushed the boundaries of the privacy industry.

They were one of the first to drop support for PPTP which is still offered by many providers even though it’s known to be an insecure VPN protocol.

On top of that, they have experimented with non-standard encryption standards offering their users choice in how they connect and secure their connection.

Users interested in checking out AnyConnect can do so by visiting the LiquidVPN website and signing up for their service saving 20% using this link in the process.

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