LiquidVPN say Hej! as they add a Swedish VPN server

The Swedish often greet each other simply by saying Hej! in both formal and informal settings which loosely translates to Hi. LiquidVPN has been saying Hej to Sweden as they announce their expansion into Sweden with the introduction of a Stockholm based VPN server.

Sweden is an excellent choice for a VPN server and if you’re looking for a reason why then you don’t have to search very far.

The Pirate Bay was forged in Sweden by Swedish citizens and although the founders have moved on since the inception of the most famous torrent tracker Sweden is still considered the birthplace of the torrent revolution thanks mostly to the fame of The Pirate Bay.

While The Pirate Bay has been blocked in many European countries the .se domain is still accessible via Swedish connections which include LiquidVPN’s new Stockholm based Swedish VPN server.

Swedish VPN

LiquidVPN brings the beauty of Stockholm to a VPN server.

If TPB isn’t reason enough to get excited about the addition of a Swedish VPN server then knowing that Sweden has some of the fastest internet connections in the world is sure to get you interested. In fact in my own tests I managed to rack up nearly 100mbps in download speeds from the new Swedish VPN server from LiquidVPN which isn’t half bad from the UK.

LiquidVPN offer their range of VPN protocols that includes PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN on their Swedish server which also offers their private and anonymous self-hosted DNS service meaning your URL requests will be safe from prying eyes.

Shared IPs are available offering greater privacy by assigning the same IP to multiple users which, in essence, would make untangling which user was doing what a seriously difficult task.

Speaking to David Cox of LiquidVPN he had the following to say about the Swedish expansion.

Sweden is an obvious choice for LiquidVPN. It has always been on our short list of locations to add services. They have a very fast network, an acceptable data center and last but not least they have proven to be very forward thinking when it comes to the protection of personal data.

About LiquidVPN

The Swedish expansion and recent addition of a Singapore VPN server bring the total number of countries covered by the LiquidVPN service to 9. As well as the two recent additions LiquidVPN offer servers in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany & Romania.

With prices starting from as little as $4.75 per month (approx £3.10) and a VPN network that is regularly shown to be one of the fastest amongst all VPN providers it really is a great time to sign up to LiquidVPN. Connection is possible via their free Liquid Viscosity tool for both Windows and Mac with custom built software on the horizon to be released imminently.

If you’re interested in signing up to LiquidVPN to take advantage of their Swedish server and the others on offer follow the red link below.

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