Latest news from the VPN world November 2015

The landscape of VPN use is ever changing and providers are regularly announcing new updates and changes to their service. In what I hope will become a regular feature I’ve been looking at the latest developments for November 2015 and checking out what some of the leading VPN providers are doing, changing and offering with their service.

IPVanish Network Expansion

IPVanish is one of the largest VPN providers in the world and they are constantly expanding and upgrading their infrastructure.

This month they’ve been busy upgrading their US network with no less than 10 new servers added in the locations of San Jose and Dallas. Not only did they expand their US offering but they also added a further 18 servers worldwide bringing the total deployed in October/November to 28 new servers.

IPVanish Servers Nov 15

If adding server power wasn’t enough they also increased their IP availability from a large 25,000 to a massive 40,000 nearly doubling the total capacity of IP addresses available. This alone is a reason to celebrate as it gives you as the user more choice and options to access a range of services and less likelihood of them being blocked a la BBC iPlayer.

While expanding their server selection in already covered areas IPVanish also added three brand new locations to their server offerings that includes :

  • Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Some great additions to the no log VPN service from IPVanish bringing their total available country count to 60 with over 350 servers.

If you’re interested in their service check out our IPVanish Review or head over to their website by following the green link below.

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ExpressVPN Introduce Upgraded Android App

Protecting yourself on your mobile device has become more important than ever in recent years. More of us are connecting to public wi-fi using our mobile or tablet devices due to the convenience. Having a decent VPN app for your Android device has become essential.

ExpressVPN this month launched their brand new redesigned Android app making it more user-friendly than previous incarcerations.

ExpressVPN New Android App

New Android interface from ExpressVPN.

They have focused on making it easier to connect to one of over 100 locations they have available which should suit novice users who just want to connect and forget about it.

Other upgrades include :

  • Smarter connections making it quicker and easier to automatically connect to the best connection in the country of your choice.
  • Improved sorting so the better servers are listed at the top and easier to find.
  • Improved search functionality making it easier to find the servers and countries that you want.
  • An updated and improved interface giving it that slicker look.
  • A favourites option allowing you to select servers that you prefer to be accessed easier in future.

If you’re interested in taking a look at the new Android App or the service in general follow the link below but if you want to see what we thought of their service a few months back check out our ExpressVPN Review.

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VyprVPN launches on AndroidTV

VPNs have become a great way to access content around the world but are often limited to desktop or tablet systems. This month VyprVPN announced their service is now compatible with Android TV opening up the service to devices not ordinarily available.

VyprVPN Android TV

For standalone TVs running Android systems users can now download the VyprVPN Android app which has been made fully compatible and will not only let users encrypt their internet connection on their Android TV but also access content from around the world that would otherwise be geo-blocked.

Users of the VyprVPN service can either install the app directly from the Google Play store or a direct link is available on the VyprVPN website.

As well as the introduction of compatibility with Android TV VyprVPN also works with other standalone TV services including OpenELEC/Kodi and Apple TV meaning streaming content on your home entertainment system has never been easier.

If you’re interested to know what we thought of the VyprVPN service this year check out our VyprVPN Review for 2015. Users wishing to sign up to VyprVPN or look into their TV services should follow the link below.

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