Kosovo v England: Live stream

Kosovo v England

The England and Kosovo clash is just around the corner in another European UEFA qualifier for 2020.

Admittedly it should be an easy game for England, but watching the match can be anything but.

With less weight placed on these qualifying games, it’s hard to find a decent official stream of the event and without resorting to those sketchy Reddit threads, you could be left with nowhere to watch.

The great news is, it doesn’t need to be like this.

In this guide I’ll be showing you how to use a VPN app to live stream to game wherever you are on the world.

The previous match from September 10th saw Kosovo lose 5-3 against England, although they did manage to see off the Czech Republic just before that and convincingly beat Montenegro after that.

So if you’re excited to see who will win this final group stage match, read on.

When’s the game taking place?

As you may know, the match will take place on November 17th of this year, and it will take place in Pristina, at the Fadil Vokm Stadium.

Kick off is at 5 pm GMT / UTC.

The stadium was previously known as Pristina City Stadium, and it is a multi-purpose stadium that is used mostly for football matches.

It is also home ground of FC Pristina, and it can hold 13,500 spectators.

What do you need to watch the match abroad?

As mentioned, not everyone will be able to watch the match this weekend, mostly because it will be live-streamed on the UK’s ITV Hub.

As you may be aware, ITV Hub isn’t available everywhere, meaning that it is only available to those who are physically in the UK.

If you’re outside the UK for the weekend or more permanently this sucks for you.

However, an app called a VPN can let you watch any content, provided that you use the right service.

This is not what VPN was initially developed, of course, as its original purpose was to keep people safe, private, and semi-anonymous online through the use of several security and privacy features.

What is a VPN explainer

However, watching TV from other countries, sporting events and watching different regions of Netflix has become one of their biggest uses in recent years.

Where to get a VPN?

There are many providers of VPN services out there, which might make it challenging to choose a good one.

Some are basic, at best, and proper services can often end up lost in the crowd.

After extensive testing we found ExpressVPN to be about the best choice, although there are others which I’ll discuss in a minute.

ExpressVPN uses strong security and privacy features, it doesn’t keep logs of your activities, and it can allow you to unblock any content in 94 different countries.

It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, sensible prices, and offers dedicated apps for many devices. Not to mention that it has excellent speeds, perfect for streaming things such as football matches.

Alternatively, you can also choose CyberGhost or NordVPN, both of which are great services, so you’re free to pick.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Kosovo v England

Now that you know what you need, it is time to get started.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be enjoying the action in minutes.

Step 1: Make a VPN account

The first step requires you to pick a VPN, and then to go to its website and sign up for an account.

As we have said before, ExpressVPN is my top option, but you can choose any service from above will work.

Step 2: Get the app

Once you’ve completed signup, you can then download the VPN app.

For computers, you’ll find it on the VPN service’s websites. For mobile devices like phones and tablets head to your usual app store and search for the name of the service you signed up to.

Downloading ExpressVPN app.

Step 3: Connect to the UK

Launch the app and locate a list of servers within. Pick any server located in the UK, and hit ‘Connect‘.

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

ExpressVPN allows you to view the game anywhere.

Step 4: Enjoy the match

After connecting to the UK server, visit the ITV Hub website or use their app.

Then crack open a beer or your favourite non-alcoholic drink and enjoy watching the game.

30-day money back guarantee

Predictions on a winner

The match between England and Kosovo will be the final one for qualifying Group A.

Many believe England already has its place in the 2020 European Championship secured, so it doesn’t really have to win the game although this may be tempting fate depending on results of other teams.

Kosovo, on the other hand, needs the victory here to qualify. There are still other matches to consider but they’ll certainly be trying their best to upset England’s road to the tournament.


England vs Kosovo will decide whether or not Kosovo will make history by qualifying for the 2020 European Championship, as well as whether or not England will enter it confidently or with two significant losses in the qualifications round.

If you want to watch every moment, then grab a VPN from ExpressVPN, and connect to one of their ‘UK’ locations.

Then enjoy live streaming the game on ITV Hub wherever you are.

What are your score predictions for this match? Let me know in the comments section below. I predict a 3-1 win for England.


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Author: Ali Raza

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