Is Kodi about to change forever?

Could it be that the way Kodi users stream media content is about to change forever? That is what the popular unofficial repository TVAddons has claimed this week in an announcement that has peaked interest across the Kodi community.

TVAddons was, for a long time, the most popular unofficial repository for Kodi users. But last June it was taken offline to the dismay of many users. It reappeared later in the year having rebranded itself as an unofficial repository which only hosted 100% legal addons.

While this new approach meant they didn’t offer many of Kodi’s most popular addons, they still managed to achieve an impressive 19 million monthly hits on their websites. Apparently, this means that two-thirds of their former users have come back. That might be enough for some repositories, but TVAddons clearly has greater ambitions.

TV Addons grand plans

In a statement posted on their website to mark the sixth anniversary of the repository, TVAddons claimed they had “grand plans” for the future.

“We’re almost ready to introduce a new generation of Kodi addons that will change the way people access streaming media forever,” they said. “Expect the release of these addons in the coming weeks, along with our return to a standard addon submission policy which will once again foster innovation while remaining 100 percent DMCA compliant.”

That single paragraph is all we have to go on for now. TVAddons has not elaborated on what form these changes will take or in what way their new addons will be innovative.

But there is no doubt that the statement has got Kodi users excited. It is refreshing to see any sort of positive news about Kodi after a year in which the media player, which itself is 100% legal, has come under fire from all sides.

Governments and courts have turned on Kodi users, while copyright holders have cracked down hard on those unofficial addons which do enable users to stream copyrighted content. Indeed, research carried out by FACT, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, found that almost 25% of the online viewing public access content illegally online.

Chorus2 Vulnerability

And even though we are just a few days into 2018, there has been more bad news for Kodi users already. The website TorrentFreak reported earlier this week on a vulnerability that has been identified in Kodi’s Chorus2 interface.

Chorus2 was only introduced by default onto Kodi a couple of years ago and because most Kodi users do not password-protect their setup, it allows outsiders to browse their addons. But it has now been discovered that actually, they can do a whole lot more too.

Outsiders are also able to make changes to other people’s system settings, so they could disable or change other people’s Kodi media player. But it also allows them to access and even play another user’s music and video content over the internet.

There is a way that Kodi users can do to protect themselves from this vulnerability. One is to add a password to your settings, which will make it much harder to access Kodi remotely.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

But, after the great news that Kodi is now available to use on the Xbox One games console, the TVAddons announcement has sparked hope that this could be a much better year for Kodi aficionados after all.

Nevertheless, we should also remind all readers that it is strongly recommended to use a VPN whenever you are streaming content on Kodi. This is because a VPN can help to protect you from legal repercussions if you do happen to access copyrighted content.

But there are other reasons too. A VPN can offer some protection against the security threats which always exist when using unofficial Kodi addons thanks to that fact that it is a piece of open-source software.

And a VPN can also help you to unlock geo-restricted or censored content on Kodi and so enable you to stream whatever you want, whenever you want. It is possible that the new innovations promised by TVAddons may change this advice. But no-one really expects that to be the case.

So, while we all wait eagerly to find out just how TVAddons plans to change the way we stream content on Kodi in 2018, a VPN remains just as essential a tool for Kodi users as ever. And the question Kodi users should, therefore, be asking themselves is not whether to use a VPN but which VPN is the best for Kodi.

You read our full guide to the Best VPN for Kodi 2018 to help you decide, or just head over to our top pick, IPVanish, to learn more about their service and the great deals they have on right now.

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