Keezel Indiegogo Campaign Promises VPN On The Go

With increased ease of access to the worldwide web comes a number of privacy and security concerns – most of which are based on easily accessible unsecured networks. Every time that you connect to a public (and sometimes even private) network you expose yourself to data leakage, and may be a victim of a number of cyber attacks – including identity theft.

While online security is certainly a large area of concern there are other, smaller areas that can be improved through a more accessible internet. Many governments, for example, censor the internet by blocking access to portions of it. And although blocked internet is a widespread problem the issue can also be seen on a smaller scale. Say you want to watch your favorite show, but episodes are no longer available to stream because you’re traveling – frustrating.

Regardless of whether or not you want to protect your online privacy or enjoy a foreign show, there is now a very simple solution – Keezel.

Keezel Co. recently launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise $60,000 for their project, a target amount that has been more than doubled since, and the campaign is still going strong.


The Keezel device.

What is Keezel?

Keezel is a unique piece of technology that “fits in your pocket” and lets you “control your internet”. To eliminate some of the vagueness let’s take a slightly closer look at the device. As advertised by the Amsterdam-based team behind Keezel, this device lets you enjoy complete online freedom while staying safe. The one-button solution makes it very easy to use and the fact that there is no installation needed is welcomed – simply switch it on and you’re good to go.

While this little thing may seem magical at first, the technology behind it is rather simple and has been around for quite some time. The reason that Keezel functions as advertised is due to the partnership program that allows Keezel Co. to take advantage of a large network of VPN providers and their servers.

Yes, you can already do everything Keezel does with a good VPN provider and a tiny bit of manual work, but the idea of Keezel is to streamline the process. Keezel, as advertised, is so simple that “grandma can use it.” Just turn it on and the rest is done under the hood – no need to select a VPN server or location, Keezel will automatically find the best connection for you.

While the primary use of Keezel is to secure your online presence, there are a number of other perks you can enjoy should you choose to pick one of these up. For starters, the device doubles as an extra battery should your phone or tablet run out of juice when on the road. As advertised by Keezel Co. the device has a battery powerful enough to charge your smartphone at least twice.

Second, as part of the campaign stretch goal the company is now offering Keezel to Keezel functionality. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities ranging from peer-to-peer VPN to the ability of browsing your home computer from across the globe. The complete list of Keezel’s abilities is available on their Indiegogo campaign, and if you think you may be interested in a product such as this one it’s definitely worth taking a look.