Karma Black VPN Wi-Fi hotspot device set to launch

Karma Black

Karma Mobility a WiFi data provider has announced details of their up and coming WiFi hotspot privacy device named the Karma Black which will include VPN privacy as standard.

The company behind the impending device who are known better for their previously released Karma Go product that creates a mobile hotspot allowing users to connect to Wi-Fi in any of the 460+ US Cities.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Karma Black is an updated version of the device that will include Tor and VPN functionality.

Karma said the device has been developed to counteract the recent vote by the US Senate who voted to remove FCC regulations that prevent customer usage data from being sold.

The device’s goal is to encrypt user data so that anyone can surf privately online without fear their data and usage will be sold onto third parties.

The Karma Black device is expected to be released on September 2017 in the US only. It will, however, enter a market that has increasingly become crowded with similar devices.


In recent years the Anonabox, Invizbox Go, Keezel and a handful of other devices have come to market that essentially includes the same functionality.

Karma Black does have one noted difference though in that users will not connect directly to the device with a password but instead connect to an open hotspot that then requires a login and password based on a subscription model.

A feature of this is that other users within range can also connect to your Karma Black device and access Wi-Fi with you as the owner of the device receiving free data credits or cash.

Currently, there are no details about what VPN server availability will be available when using the device or the types of speeds users can hope to achieve when connected to the device.


Current Karma Go customers will be able to take advantage of the new features via a “hardware upgrade program” which is likely to mean devices will need to be returned either for upgrade or replacement.

The original Karma Go device has up to 6 hours of online battery life and makes use of 4G, falling back on 3G when necessary. With VPN functionality we would expect battery life to be decreased unless a larger battery is included.

One of the advantages of the Karma Go and future Karma Black device is it allows users to access a VPN or Tor protected Wi-Fi connection without the need for Wi-Fi to be available. Whereas other similar devices require a hotspot to be available in the first place, the Karma Go is the initial hotspot.

The original Karma Go device costs US$200 and we would expect the Karma Black to cost slightly more. With competition from the market leader the InvizBox Go which retails at just $139 and having been available for over 8 months already the Karma Black is entering a tough market.

Users interested in purchasing the device or finding out more can do so at the Karma website.

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