Is Kodi legal in 2017 and how to protect your privacy

Is kodi legal

If you’ve got or heard of Kodi your first question is likely to be, Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi has become massive in recent years and if you’re like most people who want to watch movies or sports you’ve either got yourself a Kodi system or are contemplating getting one.

Wondering if you’re going to get in trouble for using Kodi might put you off which means you’ll miss out on a wealth of entertainment content.

But this need not be the case.

In this article I’m taking a look at the legality of Kodi to help you make a decision.

Is Kodi Legal?

The simple answer is, Yes. Kodi is legal.

Kodi is a completely legal system and as a standalone package there is no illegal content available on it.

It isn’t a secret that Kodi can be used for illegal purposes and it all depends on what add-ons you download and the laws in the country you live in.

It goes without saying that Kodi can be used to watch movies and sports that are copyrighted material and by doing so you enter a legal grey area.

I’m not a copyright lawyer and I can’t advise you on what you should do but I can summarise European Law regarding the situation.

When downloading a movie that is saved onto your device such as via Torrents, European regulation states that you are breaking the law.

Using Kodi with certain add-ons to stream movies or live sporting events means nothing is being saved to your device.

Under current European Law streaming content in this way that is only stored temporarily is not against the law.

A difference is made between streaming and downloading.

Will I Get in Trouble for using Kodi?

The short answer is, No.

You’ve probably read the headlines of Kodi box sellers being arrested and prosecuted.

These are a different case from simply streaming movies or sporting events because those in question are selling Kodi boxes with pre-installed add-ons.

The add-ons in question that come pre-loaded allow the watching of copyrighted material so in essence, those sellers are facilitating copyright infringement.

This is why those people are getting in trouble.

Kodi media box

Kodi is legal on any device.

Kodi itself is legal but what you do and watch depends on the legality.

If you watch movies, sport and PPV events that you don’t have a subscription for then essentially you could be breaking the law depending on your country of residence.

How to stay safe when using Kodi

Streaming movies, sport and other live events is certainly a legal grey area.

What you choose to stream is a moral decision for yourself but the honest answer is that many of you will want to stream content such as live sports events, new movies and anything else that could be seen as morally or even legally wrong.

While we certainly don’t advocate the streaming of copyrighted material it is imperative to protect your privacy while using Kodi.

Regardless of is Kodi legal or the content you want to stream on Kodi, it is essential to sign up for a VPN service.

A VPN is a tool that encrypts your internet connection making it unreadable to anyone outside meaning what you watch remains private.

This stops anyone from the government, your ISP or even in theory copyright holders from knowing what you’re watching or doing with Kodi.

A VPN for Kodi will:

  • Disguise what you watch
  • Protect your privacy
  • Allow you to access blocked content
  • Allow you to download blocked add-ons
  • Help you avoid buffering
  • Help you avoid traffic management

Plus a whole lot more.

There are plenty of VPN services out there but the best VPN services to use with Kodi are listed below.

Best VPN for Kodi:

  1. IPVanish – Our recommended choice
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. PrivateInternetAccess

VPN services work with most Kodi devices from Kodi on a desktop such as Windows to Kodi on an Amazon Firestick and more.

If you need more help on how to install a VPN on your Kodi device then check out our guide.

If you wanted to know, Is Kodi Legal? then you now have your answer.

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