IPVanish makes bold move to support Apple

IPVanish Apple support

This week leading VPN provider IPVanish came out publicly to support Apple in their stance for encryption with a new campaign #StandUpForSecurity.

You will have been hard pressed to have missed the latest goings on in the Apple vs FBI saga that has been dominating tech headlines in recent weeks.

Apple who received a request from the FBI to create a version of their iOS software with a backdoor to give the FBI access to US terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone has been fearlessly fighting back against the US government organisation.

Apple claims that if it opens a backdoor for one purpose then it could leak into the wild leaving all iPhones and other iOS devices susceptible to having their encryption circumvented.

IPVanish stands with Apple on encryption

IPVanish has become the first large VPN provider to publicly show support for Apple and their stance on encryption. Their message is simply that we need to stand up for security and with their punchy headline are urging users to use the hashtag #StandUpForSecurity across social networks.

In line with their latest message IPVanish reiterated the security measures in place across their Top Tier VPN Network that most importantly includes no logging.

Edward Snowden who released a cache of top secret government records relating to mass surveillance was quoted in the recent IPVanish stand up for security campaign. Snowden stated that having access to user data becomes a liability. With IPVanish being a completely no-log VPN provider and using industry standard state-of-the-art encryption, they are continuing to lead the way in secure communications tools.

Apple with laptop

Apple fight to save device encryption.

IPVanish joins a mass of other large corporations who have recently joined to show support to Apple. Recent companies also showing support include Google, Amazon, eBay, Twitter and AirBnB.

In 2014 Apple made a shock move to automatically encrypt the data across their devices and with this made the even bolder step to ensure that they themselves could not decrypt the information contained within. The move has led to the recent stalemate situation between Apple and the FBI and while currently being pursued through US courts it is anyone’s guess how the outcome will turn out.

About IPVanish

IPVanish is the leading Top Tier VPN provider who offers a completely encrypted no-log VPN service. Found in 2012 their service has expanded to over 450 servers in over 60 different countries with more than 40,000 IP Addresses available.

In our own monthly speed tests, IPVanish is one of the fastest if not the fastest VPN provider and have consistently shown month on month their server quality.

If you’re interested in taking a look at IPVanish read our 2016 review or follow the link below to visit their site.

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