IPVanish launch new range of VPN apps

IPV v3 Apps

Leading VPN provider and our highest ever rated privacy service IPVanish have recently released an updated suite of VPN apps for use with their service.

This week IPVanish launched v3 of their security suite across the range of supported devices which includes Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

One of the first and most noticeable features is the uniform look of the apps across devices allowing seamless use. This is a welcomed feature and if you’re new to VPN use then you’ll definitely appreciate the ease of transition between devices due to the flowing visual appearance.

The apps now take on a more modern dark design and visually have been completely redesigned to offer a more sleek and intuitive design. The desktop apps now sport a more compact layout similar to the feel of the mobile apps freeing up both desktop space and allowing for easy movement between areas such as Server Selection, Account settings and more.

All clients now sport an easy access “On/Off” button to make connection quicker and more accessible. This is available regardless of which menu you’re on meaning staying secure and private is easier than ever and never more than just a click or touch away.

Previous incarnations of the IPVanish apps often updated at a different pace and while one offered a feature such as a Kill Switch it was sometimes the case that another client waited months to receive the same feature. In the latest v3 update all clients offer the same features across the board so regardless of your platform of choice you won’t be left out in the cold.

Some of the new features included in v3 of the IPVanish apps include :

Load Balancing

Choosing the best VPN server can be difficult. The new load balancing feature on both the desktop and mobile apps now determines the best location. This takes into account both the ping and how busy the server is at any given time. You’re now guaranteed to get the fastest server at any given time.


With the load balancing feature in full operation the software and apps will now automatically select the best server of any given country making it quicker to get connected and secure.

Optimised Server Searching

IPVanish have over 500 servers worldwide and searching through such a large selection can be time consuming. If you want to get connected quickly or access geo-restricted content without searching through masses of options then the optimised server searching will save you time. Options include an interactive map, a filter or by searching through the list of available servers.

Kill Switch

One of the most important features of any VPN client is a Kill Switch. In the unlikely event that the VPN connection drops for any reason the kill switch will automatically block your internet connection. This ensures that no data will leak outside the VPN connection keeping your privacy secure.

The new desktop and mobile apps from IPVanish are crammed with plenty more options so if you’re already an IPVanish customer then you can now download them either directly from their website or your respective app store.

If you’re interested in taking a look at the new apps and want to sign up to IPVanish then click the button below to visit their site. At just $6.49 per month (approx £4.98) with a 7-day money back guarantee there is nothing to lose.

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