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VPNCompare top rated VPN provider IPVanish has launched a native VPN client for the Amazon Fire Stick and FireTV.

Although installing a VPN service on an Amazon FireTV or Fire Stick was previously relatively easy as we explained in one of our earlier published articles, there are very few native Amazon VPN apps that make the process streamlined.

IPVanish has set to address this issue by releasing a completely custom app directly for the Amazon FireTV and Fire Stick.


The Amazon FireTV and more so the Fire Stick have become the go to device for installing and using Kodi and the native app is a welcomed arrival for many users.

With some Kodi streams and plugins being of questionable legality and others being completely blocked from being accessed in certain countries, users have been quick to jump on VPN services to protect their privacy.

IPVanish Amazon app

The app is compatible with the FireTV and 2nd generation Fire Stick devices running at least Android 4.0.3.

Although the app has only just been released users are already starting to respond favourably with one saying “Great app! It works perfectly.”

Current IPVanish customers can download the Amazon VPN app free from the Amazon app store by searching “IPVanish”.

New customers interested in taking a look at the app will first need to sign-up for an IPVanish account by using the link below and then downloading the app from the Amazon app store.

FireTV and Fire Stick app usage

The Amazon VPN app from IPVanish will allow FireTV and Fire Stick users to protect their online privacy and access regionally blocked content that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

For example, UK users who take their FireTV or Fire Stick abroad will still be able to watch TV services from the UK that are available on the Amazon store.

Kodi users are likely to make up the majority of interest in the latest app as not only will they be able to protect their privacy while viewing they’ll also be able to download blocked plugins and access streams which are restricted to specific countries.

About IPVanish

IPVanish was established in 2012 at the time when VPN services burst into public consciousness.

They have grown to become one of the largest and most respected VPN service providers earning our “Editor’s Choice” award for two years running in both 2016 and 2017.

They store absolutely no logs of users’ online activity which means you’re free to browse privately without the fear someone may discover your browsing history.

VPN servers are available in over 60 countries with 750 individual servers offering more than 40,000 IP addresses. Amazon users are able to access the full network.

One VPN account will allow you to use the service on your Amazon device, Windows PC, Mac, Android or Apple device and concurrently on 5 devices at the same time.

IPVanish does not discriminate against traffic type and service such as Torrents and P2P are acceptable to use across their entire network.

Users interested in accessing the new VPN app should firstly sign-up to IPVanish and then download the app via the Amazon app store.

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