IPVanish VPN save 69% for their 7th Birthday

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IPVanish VPN is seven years old today (Happy Birthday IPVanish!) and in true IPVanish style, they’re offering one of their most significant discounts in celebration of this lengthy privacy milestone.

All new customers can take advantage of the deal which gives you 2-years of security for just $89 (~£69). Break that down into monthly payments and it’s a low $3.70 per month (~£2.88) making it one of the cheapest deals around at the moment.

Today is the day of love (Valentine’s Day) but you need not worry after spending a bundle of cash on roses, chocolates and wining and dining because the promotion isn’t limited just for today.

It runs right up until 28th February. So you’ve got plenty of time for your wallet or purse to recover before taking advantage of this mouth-watering deal.

All you need to do to activate the deal is click the special link below; the discount will automatically be applied on their 2-year package.

Save 69% off the regular price

Ends 28th February 2019

IPVanish’s Seven Year Achievements

Seven years in standard terms might not seem all that long but in the VPN privacy industry, it is practically a lifetime.

Consider Facebook is only 15 years old, Twitter just 12 years old, Instagram 9 years old, SnapChat 7 years old and Tik Tok the hottest app to have recently come out of China just a baby at two years old!

IPVanish without question has been at the forefront of the online privacy industry and weathered many changes and developments.

Apps and Servers

After launching in 2012 with just a Windows app and 32 servers, they’ve expanded to offer apps for all major devices from computers to tablets and phones. They were one of the first to release a dedicated Amazon VPN app for Fire TV devices allowing users to protect their viewing habits and unblock extra content on their TV.

They also added more than 1,168 VPN servers to that initial 32 they kicked off with.

Countries and IPs

Way back in 2012, IPVanish covered just ten countries surprisingly only in North America and Europe. Not to worry if you’re further afield though because they expanded and now offer VPN servers in more than 50 countries across the world on nearly every continent.

Starting with just 2,500 IP addresses, IPVanish expanded this to more than 40,000 that they have available today. They also dropped static IP addresses in favour of the more secure shared and dynamic ones that are accessible today.

Connections, Protocols & Support

If we look back now, it’s laughable to see IPVanish allowed just one connection per account. At the time it was more than enough but as we’re all juggling more internet-connected devices than we care to admit, that limit is no longer feasible.

Thankfully, IPVanish allows you to connect a massive ten devices at the same time. It’s one of the biggest limits in the industry. So not only can you secure all your own devices, but you can also keep your entire household secure.

IPVanish dropped support for the insecure PPTP protocol and introduced IKEv2. Alongside OpenVPN and L2TP they’re now providing some of the safest VPN protocols available.

If you had an issue 7 years ago, email was the way to go. Lucky for you, if you get stuck now you’ve got access to Live Help, Phone Support and Email Support that’s available around the clock.

So if you want to grab IPVanish for a bargain price and take advantage of all their 7-years of developments, click the activation link below.

Save 69% off the regular price

7-day money back guarantee

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