IPVanish launches first VPN app for Apple TV

Apple TV

IPVanish has become the first premium VPN provider to launch a dedicated app for Apple TV device.

The new app coincides with Apple’s launch of tvOS 17, and this new operating system for Apple TV devices is the first that allows native support for VPNs rather than requiring a complicated manual set-up or a VPN-enabled router.

While other premium VPNs are likely to follow suit and launch their own Apple TV VPN apps in due course, it is IPVanish that is first out of the blocks on this one.

The new IPVanish Apple TV app

The new IPVanish Apple TV app enables users to enhance their streaming privacy when using their Apple TV device far more conveniently than was previously the case.

Rather than going through a manual set-up or having to sort out a VPN-enabled router, they can now download the Apple TV VPN app directly from the Apple TV store.

Once downloaded and installed, users will be able to connect to one of more than 2,200 servers located around the world. This will help them to unblock geo-restricted content and ensure their online security and privacy when streaming on their Apple TV device.

Other perks of using the new IPVanish app with an Apple TV device include increased protection from potential online security threats such as hackers as well as surveillance from governments and internet service providers.

The apps come with a flexible and easy-to-use region selector, which allows users to choose to connect to a server from a different country or city with ease. There are also options to save your favourite locations for an even faster connection next time.

The new IPVanish app also comes with an Optimal Location Feature. This neat new tool uses an algorithm to automatically detect the statistically best server to connect to based on connection speed, server load, and proximity.

This helps ensure seamless streaming while eliminating buffering and guarantees to use the best possible VPN connection.

Commenting on the new IPVanish app for Apple TV devices, Subbu Sthanu, Executive Vice President of Consumer Privacy at IPVanish, said, “We are proud to be a pioneer in delivering a dedicated VPN for Apple TV and offer a tool that not only secures customer online activities but also enhances their experience.”

How to use the new IPVanish Apple TV app

If you want to give the new IPVanish Apple TV app a go, you can download it now from the Apple TV app store.

You will need an IPVanish subscription to use this app. The easiest and quickest way to ssign up with IPVanish is via their website. There are a number of subscription packages available.

We recommend their two-year deal, which comes with a huge 75% discount. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to try before you buy.

Once you have signed up, just download the app and log into your new account. IPVanish allows unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can download and use it on all your other devices as well.

Then, just connect to a VPN server in your preferred (or recommended) location and use your Apple TV device as you normally would, safe in the knowledge that your privacy and security are protected thanks to IPVanish.

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