InvizBox Go set to bring VPN & Tor to the Wi-Fi market

InvizBox may be a name that you’re familiar with. In early 2015 they launched their inaugural product simply known as the InvizBox. The plucky team from Ireland set about revolutionising Tor usage by introducing a plug-in-and-play device that enabled access to the Tor network in an incredibly easy and user-friendly manner.

The device opened up Tor access to the mass market and with over $20,000 raised on the crowd-funding platform IndieGoGo and over 1100 devices shipped the project was a relative success.

Not to rest on their laurels the team behind InvizBox are now back as the professional sounding InvizBox Ltd. and have gone all out and launched their latest project, the InvizBox Go.

InvizBox Go prototype

InvizBox Go early prototype casing.

Launched on September 14th and set to run for a whole month the Kickstarter project aims to raise €100,000 (Approx $113,000) with a target to launch the finalised product in February 2016.

So what will the InvizBox Go offer in comparison to their initial product?

While the original InvizBox concentrated solely on Tor the team have stepped up a notch and moved into the VPN arena. InvizBox Go will act as a bridge between a device such as your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone and a Wi-Fi network. Unlike the predecessor which required an ethernet connection the InvizBox Go will connect via Wi-Fi to a hotspot and create a VPN or Tor barrier.

The beauty of the device is it won’t require any software to be installed on your system or device and simply by connecting to the InvizBox Go you’ll be protected by either their custom VPN service or the Tor network, the choice is yours.

One of the major benefits of the device is how it will increase security and ultimately user privacy when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Often the process of connecting to public Wi-Fi requires a user to firstly connect to the insecure Wi-Fi network and then launch some kind of VPN software or app.

InvizBox Go Safety

InvizBox Go to act as a VPN/Tor barrier.

It is in these transitional moments that data can be sent across the insecure public Wi-Fi network such as automatic email checking or by other software or apps that rush to auto-connect the second an internet connection is detected and this is best case scenario as most users fail to even use a VPN. With the InvizBox Go this sort of data leakage should be a thing of the past.

Competition, Competition, Competition.

The original InvizBox project was slightly better received than the Anonabox which kicked off the craze for portable Tor routers. Due to the open source nature of the InvizBox plus some additional fixes that Anonabox slipped up on upon launch it could be considered the successor.

InvizBox Go aims to continue this tradition with an open source system although they face stiff competition from the already funded Keezel product that kicked off in July 2015 and aims to ship a full 2 months prior to the InvizBox Go. Essentially the products serve the same function with some differences but as with the InvizBox / Anonabox race, launching later and ultimately having the benefit of experience from the errors their predecessor made led to a superior product.

If the same will happen with the InvizBox Go / Keezel will be left to be seen but with nearly half a million dollars in funds raised for the Keezel the InvizBox Go team have some catching up to do.

Keezel isn’t the only competition for InvizBox Go as Shellfire launched their Shellfire Box product this month that acts as a VPN router albeit requiring an ethernet connection so while not servicing exactly the same market they could corner a percentage of the InvizBox Go target market nearly 5 months prior to the launch of InvizBox Go.

The InvizBox Go team are unlikely to be too disheartened though as they have 1100 mostly happy customers and a proven record of bringing a product to market. Those wishing to back the product and pick up a device for the initial Kickstarter price of €79 (Approx $90) can hurry on over to their pledge page before they sell out.

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