InvizBox 2 announced with Kickstarter launch

InvizBox 2 Black

The team behind both the InvizBox and InvizBox Go have announced their latest security product, the InvizBox 2.

The launch on Kickstarter is aiming to raise €50,000 over the next 35 days with the goal to bring this updated security device to market.

InvizBox previously launched two crowd-funded devices. The original InvizBox which allowed users to access the Tor network in a portable box and the more recently released beefy InvizBox Go which took VPN and Tor access plus a whole host of other features and made them mobile.

At the time of writing €14,299 of the €50,000 target has already been raised in under 24 hours showing that it’s likely this project will be funded and likely soon.

InvizBox 2

The InvizBox 2 is aiming to build on the success of its predecessor the InvizBox Go but with additional options, more power and an overall more compatible and slicker interface.

The device will come in two editions, a standard InvizBox 2 and the InvizBox 2 Pro.

Just like the previously released devices the InvizBox 2 and 2 Pro are aimed at protecting your online privacy with both VPN and Tor functionality plus a host of other bonus features.

Unlike its recent predecessor the InvizBox 2 and 2 Pro are intended to be used with a home network rather than be carried around with you, although due to the relatively small form, portability is still possible.

The intention is for it to be plugged directly into your router creating a new Wi-Fi network that you can then connect all the devices in your home to.

InvizBox 2 interface

Features Features Features

As well as protecting your online privacy via VPN or Tor connectivity the InvizBox 2 and 2 Pro promise to be packed with additional features.

One of the most exciting developments is the introduction of dual band Wi-Fi capability which was one of the lacking features of the previous device.

Coupling the new device with the previously released InvizBox Go will allow users to be able to connect to and access their home network securely from anywhere in the world.

Parents worried about the amount of time their kids are spending online can use the device to set time limits or completely disable devices from accessing the internet via the device as required.

Advert blocking will be possible via the device and the list of advertising domains kept constantly updated which means the InvizBox 2 and 2 Pro will do all the hard work for you leaving you to surf the internet interruption free.

InvizBox is continuing their partnership with leading no-log VPN provider IPVanish. IPVanish will provide the VPN networking capability of the device. In our own tests, we found IPVanish to be one of the fastest providers and scored them our highest ever VPN rating.

The InvizBox 2 and 2 Pro will also enable usage load balancing which means each connected device’s activity won’t interfere with others. If you’ve ever on your home router experience every connected device slowing when one user downloads at full speed then this feature alone will be worth its weight in gold.

There are a host more features planned which can be read about at the InvizBox 2 Kickstarter funding page.

Early backers can pick up the device from between €59 and €139 by visiting the funding page using the link below.