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On our site we usually deal with Virtual Private Networks, not only are they great way to hide your IP address, thus masking your location but they also encrypt your connection data to keep you secure. While Virtual Private Networks are the ultimate solution in security and privacy they also offer further benefits such as the ability to access content that is geo-restricted or protection from copyright infringement claims when using services such as torrents or other P2P systems.

For these reasons alone we are huge advocates of VPN use and ultimately they are the better option in most circumstances. However there are a smaller handful of times when a system known as a Proxy or Proxy Server can be an ideal minor solution to other situations.

You’re providing a free Anonymous Proxy Server list?

That’s right, updated daily we’re providing a premium free anonymous proxy server list for your use. There is no charge for this service and you’re welcome to use the proxies listed for your own personal use. The proxy list is updated daily and all listed IPs have been checked. Full details of the IP, Port, Proxy Type, Protocol, City, Country and when it was Last Checked are available.

The list contains at least 10,000 proxies at any one time and can be sorted and searched based on any of the listing criteria. So if for example you wanted to find US proxies you can simply select “Country” enter “united_states” in the search box and then click Search to find a list of free anonymous US proxies. The search ability is highly customisable and can aid you finding the anonymous proxy server of your choice.

Either click the Free Proxy List link in the top right of the menu or follow the link below.

What is a Proxy Server?

A Proxy is in a nutshell another computer or server which acts as a go between, between yourself and content you are accessing. In this sense it adds an extra step or hop between yourself and whatever service you’re requesting. As an example, let’s say you wanted to access a website but didn’t want to expose your personal IP address, you could enlist the use of a proxy server to make that connection. In this example you are making connection through the Proxy and the end website will see the IP address of the proxy server and not yours, the Proxy itself will pass the content you requested back to yourself.

The Proxy in essence becomes a middleman between you and the service or content you’re accessing. See the illustration below for a better visual understanding, you would be “Alice” in this diagram.

What is a Proxy diagram

There are various types of proxy server used for different purposes which are explained best on the dedicated Proxy Wikipedia page.

VPN or Proxy?

A proxy is in no way a replacement or an alternative for a VPN. Not only does a VPN encompass your whole internet usage there are also far more features and benefits that a VPN provide over a simple proxy. A proxy is useful for those in certain countries where a website may block you from accessing it but it would not allow you to stream content from elsewhere such as the likes of BBC iPlayer or Hulu.

When considering securing and encrypting your connection a VPN is the only viable option but there are a handful of instances where a proxy may be ideal. Do remember that proxies are public resources and as such are not secure because the ability for logging is possible. For all other choices consider a good VPN provider.

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