How to watch Virgin TV Anywhere abroad

Virgin TV Anywhere abroad

Virgin Media are the one of the largest entertainment companies in the UK and for those of you who have Virgin TV the mobile Virgin TV Anywhere service is an essential for watching cable TV on the go. Unfortunately even though it is titled “Anywhere” it doesn’t actually work anywhere.

If you want to watch Virgin TV Anywhere abroad you’ll be sorely disappointed as even though the name suggests you can watch anywhere, abroad isn’t included in that “anywhere” description.

I always find it odd that when you pay for a subscription TV service you can’t actually watch abroad.

In this guide we’re going to show you how you can use an app called a VPN to access Virgin TV Anywhere abroad.

How to watch Virgin TV Anywhere abroad

To access Virgin TV Anywhere outside the UK you need to sign up for a service known as a Virtual Private Network or using the shortened name a VPN. A VPN is a small service that runs on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and encrypts your internet connection to protect you from people snooping on your usage.

A by-product of this is the privacy feature which masks your location. When you’re outside the UK a VPN gives the impression that you’re still in the UK and as such services like Virgin TV Anywhere will stream you the content you want to watch no matter where you are in the world.

VPN services cost around US$5-$10 (approx £4-£7) per month depending on how long you sign up for and will not only protect your internet connection from criminals snooping on it but also enable you to watch Virgin TV Anywhere worldwide.

There are hundreds of providers these days and some are certainly better than others. For streaming video content a quality service needs to be used and to watch Virgin TV Anywhere outside the UK we recommend using IPVanish. Our IPVanish review showed them to be reliable and fast and we had no problem watching TV from the UK while abroad.

A few other good providers are listed below and we recommend you check them out :-

  1. IPVanish
  2. StrongVPN
  3. ExpressVPN

Once you’ve signed up download their software or app, connect to a UK server and then access Virgin TV Anywhere as normal.

Why is Virgin TV Anywhere blocked abroad

Every internet connection is assigned an IP Address, this is a set of numbers that lets the internet communicate with you and you communicate with it, it tells the data where to go. IP Addresses are assigned to locations and due to your IP Address any website you visit or service you access knows roughly the area you’re located but definitely the country. You can see this yourself by checking on a site such as

When you’re at home in the UK Virgin TV Anywhere can see you’re in the UK but as soon as you travel abroad it can see what country you’re in and so blocks you streaming due to broadcasting regional restrictions.

As you’re a paying subscriber and no doubt live in the UK for some of the time, why shouldn’t you be able to watch outside the UK?

Can I watch on my tablet or phone

Definitely. The three providers we recommend have easy to use software for desktops and laptops but also provide simple apps or set-up guides for both Android and iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. As long as you can access Virgin TV Anywhere on your device in the UK you’ll also be able to watch abroad with a VPN.

Is a VPN legal

A VPN is entirely legal as the main purpose is to protect your privacy and encrypt your internet connection. In essence it is a safety device similar to shutting your curtains at night so people can’t see in. It encrypts your connection so anyone who wanted to know what you’re doing online couldn’t.

A VPN also protects your privacy at the other end, any service or website you visit sees the VPN provider’s IP Address and so none of your actions can be attributed to yourself.

We have a more in-depth list of VPN providers in our VPN Comparison Guide so feel free to check it out.

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