[VIDEO] How to watch US Netflix in the UK and Canada

Netflix is a brilliant service and one that many of you will be signed up to. However some of you might not be aware that the UK (& Canada) get a pretty rough deal when it comes to the content that is available. There is a rather huge list of films that just aren’t available outside of the US version of Netflix. You might have searched for a certain film which can include some of the basic classics and come across the “XYZ is unavailable to stream” notice.

In a nutshell this basically means that while the video exists on the service, it isn’t available to you in the UK (or even you Canadians come to think of it!)

We’ve put together a handy little video guide to show you how easy this actually is and provided links under the video to some of the providers mentioned to enable this little trick to be achieved.

Links for providers mentioned in the video which have easy to use software :-


VyprVPN (Used in the video)



There are also plenty of other great providers who may compete on price, offer more or offer a similar service to those listed above and you can compare these using our handy Comparison Table.

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