How to watch UK TV in Portugal: A Beginner’s Guide

Watch UK TV in Portugal

In this article we’re going to look at the easiest method to watch UK TV in Portugal. It’s so easy in fact you’ll be able to achieve it in just 6 simple steps.

If you’re a novice computer, tablet or phone user then you need not worry either as it’s extremely beginner friendly.

If you’re an expat in Portugal, on holiday in Portugal or for whatever other reason you’re in Portugal then you’ll probably already know that UK TV services are blocked.

The easiest way to access UK TV in Portugal is to use online streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and all you’re going to need to do that is a simple app called a VPN. Below we explain all.

How to watch UK TV in Portugal: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re already in Portugal and you’ve tried to access one of the UK streaming services like BBC iPlayer or Sky Go then you’ll already know you’re blocked from viewing.

Rather than being able to stream the TV you want to watch you’ll see a block message that looks something a little like this:

BBC iPlayer blocked July 17

To avoid this block you need to get yourself an app called a VPN.

VPN services are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac which we cover below. They’re also available for the Amazon Fire TV and SmartTV’s which we’ll cover further down in this guide.

A VPN will set you back between £3 – £7 depending on how long you sign up for. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the price.

To get yourself a VPN for Android, iOS, Windows or Mac just follow the simple instructions below:

How to watch UK TV in Portugal:

  1. Visit the VPN provider NordVPN by clicking here and then sign up.
  2. Select a package length and enter the required personal and payment details.
  3. Once sign-up is complete go back to the main NordVPN website and click VPN Apps.
  4. Select the correct app for your device, download and install it.
  5. Run the app and login when necessary.
  6. Select United Kingdom on the map and press Connect.

Below you can see examples of how to connect on both a mobile device and a desktop or laptop.

Android / iOS:

NordVPN Android UK

Windows / Mac:


After about 15 seconds the app should inform you it has connected.

When you visit websites they’ll now think you’re in the UK even though you’re actually in Portugal or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

All that is left to do now is visit your favourite UK TV streaming service and rather than be blocked like before you’ll now be able to watch anything.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best UK TV streaming websites at the bottom of this article.

When you’ve finished simply disconnect and your internet connection returns to normal. You can reconnect at any time as long as you have a subscription to NordVPN.

How to watch UK TV in Portugal on a Smart TV

If you’ve got a Smart TV then the process is a little different and there are two options. One is cheaper and available on only some Smart TVs, the other is more expensive but is available on all Smart TVs that have WiFi capability.

Process 1 (The cheap method)

You’ll first need to check if your Smart TV allows you to change the “DNS Settings”. You can find out if this is possible or how to do it by referring to your user-manual.

You’ll also need to sign up for a different VPN provider that comes with a SmartDNS service included.

Below we’ll use the Samsung Smart TV as an example:

  1. Visit StrongVPN and press Join Now to sign-up.
  2. Select a subscription length and enter the required personal and payment details.
  3. Once sign up is complete go to your Smart TV.
  4. Press Menu and go to the Settings Menu.
  5. Scroll down to the Network section and select Network Settings.
  6. Press Start on the next screen. Select your Internet connection and if using Wi-Fi enter your Wi-Fi password.
  7. Select IP Settings. Find the option DNS Settings and enter the following:

Press Next and wait for it to test the settings.

You can now switch your TV off and on again and try and access the various apps for UK TV services.

Process 2 (The all else fails more expensive option)

If you can’t change the DNS settings on your Smart TV but it has Wi-Fi access then you’ll need to buy a hardware device called an Invizbox Go.

The Invizbox Go handles the VPN connection for you and enables TVs or other devices that don’t have VPN capability.

You can order an Invizbox Go and save 10% off the official price by using the link below.

Once your Invizbox Go arrives configure it to access the United Kingdom as per the included instructions and then connect to the new Wi-Fi hotspot.

You’ll now be able to access the TV services via the apps.

UK TV Services

A VPN and SmartDNS work with both free to air and subscription services.

Below we’ve listed a few of the best that you can now watch in Portugal. You’ll of course need a subscription in the UK to access the subscription services though.


  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV Player
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5


  • Sky Go
  • Virgin TV Anywhere
  • BT Sport
  • Sky Sports
  • Eurosport

Don’t forget, all you need is a VPN which you can get by clicking the link below and following the instructions earlier in this guide.

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