How to watch UFC Fight Night 109: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira online free


UFC is back and if you’re an MMA fan then UFC Fight Night 109 promises to be explosive.

If you’re a bit like me, you don’t want to pay over the top prices to stream events like this, after all they can soon add up and become pricey.

Unfortunately, UFC Fight Night 109 between Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeria is a premium fight and so it’ll be shown on paid TV services only.

The good news is though that the fight will be being streamed online for free in Russia and with the help of a small tool called a VPN, you can change your online location and appear as if you’re in Russia. This will allow you to stream the whole fight live no matter where you live in the world.

Find out below how you can watch UFC Fight Night 109 for free.

Watch UFC Fight Night 109: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira

The fight is being broadcast online by Russian TV network MatchTV!.

If you try to access the site outside Russia you’ll be blocked from viewing but with the help of a piece of software or app called a VPN you can avoid this block.

Just follow the instructions below to watch Gustafsson vs. Teixeira:

  1. Visit the VPN provider VyprVPN.
  2. Sign-up to their service. You’ll only need a 1-month service for the fight and you can get a free 3-day trial.
  3. Download the software from their website or the app from your app store.
  4. Install, Run and Login.
  5. Choose their Russia server and press Connect.VyprVPN Russia Server

Once the software or app has connected all you need to do is head over to the MatchTV! Live Stream page at the time of UFC Fight Night 109 and you’ll be able to stream the entire fight live anywhere in the world.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a piece of security software for your PC or Mac computer or an app for your Android or Apple mobile device.

It protects your internet connection from anyone snooping on what you’re doing but a side feature of that is it also allows you to disguise your location and appear elsewhere.

In the case of watching UFC Fight Night 109 you can appear as if you’re in Russia and then stream the entire fight live on the MatchTV! website following the instructions above.

It’s worth keeping the VPN after the free trial has expired because you’ll be able to watch other UFC and MMA fights such as Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway on 3rd June with the same service.

Other VPN services

There are plenty of other VPN services available but not all are suitable.

You need to use a service that offers a Russian “server” and not all do. If you don’t want to sign up to our recommended provider VyprVPN then the following two services are also suitable.

Alexander Gustafsson vs Glover Teixeira

UFC Fight Night 109 is going to be massive and is live from Stockholm, Sweden.

The fight takes place on Sunday 28th May 2017. It is expected to take place at around 6 pm UK time which is 7 pm in Sweden and mainland Europe and 1 pm on the East Coast of the USA.

The fighters from the light-heavyweight division are currently ranked 5th and 6th in the world with Teixeria being slightly ahead of Gustafsson.

With 26 wins, 5 losses and 0 draws, Teixeria is the more experienced fighter but an impressive 17 wins, 4 losses and 0 draws means Gustafsson is going to be no pushover.

Gustafsson is likely to have massive support in his home country which could just spur him on to take down Teixeria.

No matter who wins it’s going to be a great fight and now you know how you can watch all the action online for free.

What are your predictions? Let us know who you think will win in the comments section.

Christopher Seward

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