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Being in the military, be it the Army, Navy, Air Force or any other is one of the greatest jobs to have. Not only is it well respected for protecting both the country you hail from but also due to the fact that many good deeds are carried out around the world by those in the military. The are literally millions of military personal dotted around the world from many different countries all doing an extremely tough job and one that I personally could not do.

When service personnel are sent out to actual locations the importance of the situation and the stress that can accompany it can be overwhelming. Not only are most service men and woman stripped of their families for periods of time that can last up to years but they also lose their creature comforts and the types of things most of us take for granted on a daily basis.

Knowing one or two people who have served in the military in the past made me realise how much certain tiny things from home can make such a huge difference to your life. One of my good friends used to love receiving parcels from his wife which contained such basic things like his favourite soap or chocolate, this definitely kept him going especially during some pretty harrowing times and especially on key celebration dates like Christmas or his children’s birthdays.

Luckily these days many things have improved and a lot of service men and women get to email or have Skype video conversations with their loved ones when possible. One of the major missing home comforts is the ability to watch TV from home and no matter which male/female or from what service you speak to this is one of the greatest wants and needs they have.

With internet access now being quite common place I know a lot of military men and women have attempted to access TV station’s online streaming services when they’ve been assigned to other countries. This can be actual combat situations where they are based in the thick of the action or even when they’re stationed abroad at various bases. There are huge numbers of US soldiers based in Germany, UK ones based in Cyprus and many other nations based all over the world even when not in combat situations. The problem with online streaming services is they in most cases are restricted to service the shows or content that you want to watch to the country in which it is based.

MilitaryFor example in the US the TV streaming service Hulu only allows shows to be watched by those physically based inside the US. The same can be said for the UK streaming services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and the like. Unfortunately when you’re stationed abroad these services know that you are outside of the country of origin and regardless of your nationality they don’t take in to consideration you are out serving your country and just plainly refuse to let you watch any of your favourite TV shows or programmes from home.

This is extremely disappointing for those in the services but luckily there is a way around this and a way in which to give the impression that you ARE back at home in your country of origin even though you could be at a military base anywhere in the world or in the desert of Afghanistan. Basically if you can get an internet connection then you CAN make these services believe you are in your home country and with this watch any show from home that you wish.

So you’re no doubt wondering how or even wondering if it is complicated, after all, you’ve got more important things to concentrate on being in the armed forces and only so much free time so you can’t spend all your free time messing about with computers or “trying to get things to work”.

There is no need to worry at all because the solution is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t heard of it in the past. What you need to do is sign up to a service called a Virtual Private Network, these allow you to make connection through a third party computer which for this purpose will need to be located in your home country. Most services that we recommend for this purpose such as IPVanish provide really simple software for all desktops, tablets and mobile phones so within a few clicks you can be up and running watching any program you wish.

There really is no complicated set up involved. Once connected to a computer in your home country you simply visit the service you wish to watch like Hulu or BBC iPlayer, select the show or programme you want to view and enjoy watching. We’ve put together a specific guide for Hulu which is ideal for US nationals and a guide for BBC iPlayer which will also work for the other UK streaming services which is good for UK nationals so feel free to have a read of either of those for more in-depth details.

The process if you’re not a US or UK service man or woman is the same no matter what nation you’re from or represent. All you need to do is follow one of our guides and head over to the online TV streaming service of the networks from your home country.

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