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The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off on Saturday, 6th June 2015 in Canada. Women’s football (or women’s soccer if you’re in the United States) has become huge in recent years and the interest in this years Women’s World Cup is massive.

Women’s football now has a large following and many around the world will want to tune in to watch the World Cup in Canada. In certain countries Women’s football is bigger than in others and because of this only a handful of countries will be showing the games live either on regular TV or online.

The UK will be showing every single match live on the BBC. In Canada only certain matches will be shown online unless you have a subscription to the main TV Channel and this is similar in other countries. This means for residents of the United Kingdom they can watch all the matches live online on BBC iPlayer. If you’re outside the UK you’ll be blocked by geo-restrictions so we’ve put together this little guide to show you how you can circumvent those restrictions and watch every match from any country in the world.

BBC Blocked Example 2015

A typical blocked message from BBC iPlayer

How to watch the Women’s World Cup online

If you’re in the United Kingdom you’ll have no trouble watching on BBC iPlayer but if you’re outside the UK your options for watching the Women’s World Cup online are severely limited.

When you visit the iPlayer website it checks your internet connection to see what country you’re in and if you’re not in the home country then they block you. Luckily a service exists called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a way of protecting your privacy online by re-routing your internet requests via a different location.

When you do this you essentially virtually reside in another country. Due to this BBC iPlayer will think you’re in the UK and so show you all the Women’s World Cup matches live.

Where do I get a VPN to watch online

VPNs are extremely easy to use and work across all devices such as Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS for iPhone or iPad meaning you’ll be able to watch the matches on any device you want. VPN services are provided by a range of companies and cost between US$5$10 per month (Approx £3.30 – £6.50) so for watching the Women’s World Cup you’re only going to need a 1 month service to be able to watch the whole tournament.

There are good providers who are fast and bad ones that are slow. For streaming live video you need a fast provider and our three recommended providers for this purpose are given below. We recommend IPVanish because they’re not only fast but reliable.

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1IPVanish Small Logo$6.49
per month
2ExpressVPN Small Logo$8.32
per month
3VyprVPN Small Logo$6.67
per month

How do I use the VPN

After you’ve signed up to one of the 3 providers recommended above download and install the software or app for the device you want to watch the Women’s World Cup on. BBC are showing every match so it’s best to use them, there are other TV channels such as CTV in Canada but they’re only showing select matches.

Once you’ve installed their software or app connect to a United Kingdom server and then visit BBC iPlayer. Most matches will be shown on BBC 2 or BBC 3 so check the “Channels” tab on iPlayer to find the match you’re after.

With their Windows software you can either go to Server Selection and then List and find a UK server or you can simply click UK Media or Gaming under the Server Selection option.

IPVanish UK Media

IPVanish Windows software

It really is that simple, you’ll now be able to watch every Women’s World Cup match live online from any country in the world.

World Cup 2015 Schedule

DateTime (UTC/GMT)Team 1Team 2Stage
06 June 1522:00CanadaChina PRGroup
07 June 1501:00New ZealandNetherlandsGroup
07 June 1517:00NorwayThailandGroup
07 June 1520:00GermanyCôte D'IvoireGroup
08 June 1520:00SwedenNigeriaGroup
08 June 1523:00CameroonEcuadorGroup
08 June 1523:30USAAustraliaGroup
09 June 1502:00JapanSwitzerlandGroup
09 June 1517:00FranceEnglandGroup
09 June 1520:00SpainCosta RicaGroup
09 June 1520:00ColombiaMexicoGroup
09 June 1523:00BrazilKorea RepublicGroup
11 June 1520:00GermanyNorwayGroup
11 June 1522:00China PRNetherlandsGroup
11 June 1523:00Côte D'IvoireThailandGroup
12 June 1501:00CanadaNew ZealandGroup
12 June 1521:00AustraliaNigeriaGroup
12 June 1523:00SwitzerlandEcuadorGroup
13 June 1500:00USASwedenGroup
13 June 1502:00JapanCameroonGroup
13 June 1517:00FranceColombiaGroup
13 June 1520:00BrazilSpainGroup
13 June 1520:00EnglandMexicoGroup
13 June 1523:00Korea RepublicCosta RicaGroup
15 June 1520:00ThailandGermanyGroup
15 June 1520:00Côte D'IvoireNorwayGroup
15 June 1523:30NetherlandsCanadaGroup
15 June 1523:30China PRNew ZealandGroup
16 June 1521:00EcuadorJapanGroup
16 June 1521:00SwitzerlandCameroonGroup
17 June 1500:00NigeriaUSAGroup
17 June 1500;00AustraliaSwedenGroup
17 June 1520:00MexicoFranceGroup
17 June 1520:00EnglandColombiaGroup
17 June 1523:00Costa RicaBrazilGroup
17 June 1523:00Korea RepublicSpainGroup
20 June 1520:00GermanySwedenRound of 16
20 June 1523;30ChinaCameroonRound of 16
21 June 1517:00BrazilAustraliaRound of 16
21 June 1520:00FranceSouth KoreaRound of 16
21 June 1523:30CanadaSwitzerlandRound of 16
22 June 1521:00NorwayEnglandRound of 16
23 June 1500:00USAColombiaRound of 16
24 June 1502:00JapanNetherlandsRound of 16
26 June 1520:00TBCTBCQuarter Finals
26 June 1523:30TBCTBCQuarter Finals
27 June 1520:00TBCTBCQuarter Finals
27 June 1523:00TBCTBCQuarter Finals
30 June 1523:00TBCTBCSemi Finals
1 July 1523:00TBCTBCSemi Finals
4 July 1523:00TBCTBCThird Place
5 July 1523:00TBCTBCFinal

About the Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts on June 6th and runs all the way through until 5th July 2015 with the culmination of the final.

The tournament is taking place in Canada. There are six host cities that will form the base for the matches that spans the entire width of Canada and includes Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Moncton.

Women’s football has grown to a staggering size with this being only the 7th Women’s World Cup. The 2015 competition sees the amount of teams extended to 24 whereas previously it had been 16.

Surprisingly the female version of the game has become huge in the United States, a country not previously known for its love of football with reports that female “soccer” players in the US can now earn salaries of up to $1 million.

Japan are currently the World Cup title holders after beating the USA in the final of the 2011 Women’s World Cup. With both teams again in the tournament it will be an exciting month of female football!

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