How to watch the Premier League 2014/15 online abroad

The Barclays Premier League which is also known as the Premiership is arguably the best football league in the world, with the biggest named teams and many of the world class stars playing in it the popularity of the league worldwide goes without saying. Not only is the Premier League popular worldwide but it is also popular with those who live in the United Kingdom. Many football fans from the UK travel, own holiday homes or live outside the UK for large portions of the year and so watching the premier league online abroad becomes a big issue.

There are plenty of what I would class “dodgy” or less than legal ways to watch online and no doubt many of you will of attempted to watch your team play on one of those sites, if you’re like me you’ll know they’re more hassle than they are worth, poor quality and buffering plague the match and nine times out of ten the stream tends to hang just as a crucial moment like a goal is about to take place. Not to add that it’s also illegal to watch such streams but there is a risk that these sites also contain viruses and trojans which install various nasties on to your computer. The possibility of having your important login details stolen for your bank or other sensitive sites is quite high after visiting one of these “free” sites and the old adage of you get nothing for free in life springs to mind.

So there are two ways to watch the premier league 2014/15 online abroad and both which are official. You’re already likely to have either Sky Sports or BT Sport through your cable or Sky provider and having either of these is necessary if you want to watch the premiership online abroad. For those of you who have Sky Sports, Sky will be showing 116 live premier league matches with BT Sport showing 38 matches.

watch Premier League Logo abroadBoth services are able to Stream online with Sky Sports online and BT Sport online. The trouble is both service only allow you to watch while in the United Kingdom so if you’re abroad, on holiday or travelling outside the UK while your team is playing you’ll be blocked from watching using your normal account. The way to circumvent those blocks is to sign up for a service called a Virtual Private Network (VPN). One of the features of a VPN is it allows you to disguise your location and appear as if you’re in another country. If for example you’re on holiday in Spain and Manchester United are playing then you would load up the software supplied by the VPN provider, connect to a UK server and visit either the Sky Sports or BT Sport website depending on which the match is being shown on. You of course still need either a Sky Sports or BT Sport account as you would use back in the UK.

Due to the VPN disguising your location the websites will now stream you the match live no matter where you are in the world because to the actual website it thinks that you’re in the UK. Streaming the premier league online requires a good VPN provider that is capable of fast speeds for video quality, we’ve tested plenty of providers and done tons of VPN reviews. You can compare over 20 providers in our VPN Comparison Guide but three you may wish to consider which would be suitable for the job are listed below, VyprVPN even give you a free 3 day trial so you can test the service with IPVanish offering a 7 day money back guarantee so if you’re unhappy then you don’t lose out.

  1. VyprVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. HideMyAss

Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the provided software just head over the the Sky Sports website or BT Sport website depending on who is showing the game and who you have an account for. If you have accounts for both you only need 1 VPN service for both, you only need the cheapest package at each provider but if you wanted to watch on two devices with VyprVPN for example then opt for VyprVPN Pro package.

If you’re assuming it’s going to be extremely complicated then don’t worry, even your Grandma could get this one working, take a look at our example video below in which we are connected within the space of 30 seconds and watched BT Sport from abroad without any issues.

So now you’re set to watch the premier league online abroad if you’ve got a prediction for the 2014/15 season then let us know in the comments, will Man Utd do better this season under Louis van Gaal? Can Liverpool repeat their position success without Suárez and are Manchester City likely to take the title again?

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