How to watch Swisscom TV online abroad

Swisscom Blocked

Swisscom is a major supplier of telecommunications and digital television in Switzerland. It providers German, French and English speaking TV channels on the digital TV package. One of the features of Swisscom is they offer an online TV streaming service which for free to air channels allows anyone in Switzerland to watch even without being a Swisscom customer. So for those people who live in the surrounding French or German speaking countries or have moved far away they may be asking, How can I watch Swisscom TV Online Abroad?

Swisscom Blocked

Swisscom Blocked

When you head over to the Swisscom Online TV site you will be presented with a pop up box informing you that the service is unavailable outside of Switzerland and this is the point where many people give up and can only dream of watching their favourite TV shows in their native language elsewhere in the world. You may have gone on holiday or moved for work, you may have even set up home far from Switzerland and want to catch up on some Swiss TV.

Channels such as Tagesschau 24, Eins Plus, RBB HD, BBC, N-TV HD plus more are all available on Swisscom TV online and as standard are only accessible inside Switzerland. With this simple guide we’ll show you a very easy way to watch Swisscom online anywhere in the world.

To access Swisscom you need to sign up to a service called a Virtual Network Provider also known as a VPN. A VPN is a way of taking your connection and routing it encrypted to a connection elsewhere which then serves you the web pages or internet services that you require. VPN providers offer access to servers in a range of locations and to access Swisscom TV online you will need to look for a provider that offers servers in Switzerland. Once signed up many providers offer simple software which when installed are easy one click solutions to take out any complicated set up procedure making the process extremely easy to complete. There are some who don’t offer software but for anyone with moderate computer skills these are also quite easy to use with guides available for most providers.

Once connected all of your internet connection is sent to the third party server provided by the VPN company and from there it is sent on to the service you require. In this case you will request the Swisscom website which is firstly sent to the VPN provider’s Swiss server which then sends it on to Swisscom, because the VPN provider’s server is in Switzerland then Swisscom only see a Swiss connection and serve the content back to the Swiss VPN server which then sends it on to you. The process sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is and also sounds like it would impact heavily on speed. Neither of these are the case, the process is seamless and you see so little of it you barely notice it. Any good VPN provider also has highly acceptable speeds which will be basically similar to your standard speeds although these will be dependant on where you are in the world, those who are in far flung locations like Australia are likely to take some impact connecting to a server in Switzerland although with a good provider it should be still highly usable.

The downside of VPN providers if they are not free but they can cost as little as $5 per month or less if you sign up to a yearly package. One provider we recommend and have awarded top marks in our review of their service would be ideal for this as they offer both Swiss servers plus easy to use software is IPVanish, their cheapest package would be sufficient. Other good providers like HideMyAss or ExpressVPN would be suitable. If you’re after a bigger choice or price range then take a look through our Comparison Table on our main page, the only requirement to look out for is that the provider has a server in Switzerland.

If you’re still unsure of how complicated it may be then we’ve created a simple video to show you how extremely easy it is. In the video we use the provider VyprVPN and their custom software to make connection. If you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments.

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

After 25 years of using the internet, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.


  1. Avatar hmmm

    If you log-in, not all functions of swisscom tv online are geoblocked:

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      Good tip, but would you need to of registered an account in Switzerland first? or have Swisscom Digital TV?

      • Avatar VPNCompare

        “Beginning 29 April Swisscom TV plus customers will also be able to access and watch recorded programmes while abroad using their smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs”
        Those who have left Switzerland, who do not have a Swisscom TV plus package or who are German, French, English speaking and have never lived in Switzerland will not be able to access it in the way you suggest.

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