How to watch Strictly Come Dancing 2017 abroad

How to watch Strictly Come Dancing abroad

Strictly Come Dancing is back for 2017 and if you’re looking to watch it abroad outside the UK we’ve got all the details you need.

The easiest way to watch Strictly Come Dancing 2017 is to do so on BBC iPlayer.

However, if you’ve already tried to use BBC iPlayer outside the UK you’ll know you’re blocked from viewing.

The good news is you can watch Strictly Come Dancing 2017 abroad with an app called a VPN. Below we’ll explain all including where to get a VPN and how to use it. This solution works for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

How to watch Strictly Come Dancing 2017 abroad

When you visit the BBC iPlayer website and you’re abroad outside the UK instead of being able to watch Strictly Come Dancing you’re blocked with a message that looks a little like this:

BBC iPlayer blocked July 17

The reason you’re blocked is simple. You’re outside the UK and the iPlayer website knows it.

To avoid this restriction you need to get yourself an app called a VPN that allows you to alter your online location.

Follow the 5 simple steps below to get one, get connected and access BBC iPlayer so you can watch Strictly Come Dancing abroad.

How to watch Strictly Come Dancing 2017 abroad:

  1. Visit the VPN provider NordVPN and click Start Now.
  2. Select a subscription length and complete the sign-up process.
  3. Go to the VPN Apps section of the main NordVPN website.
  4. Download the correct app for your device, install it and run it, login when required.
  5. Select United Kingdom on the map and click on it.

It doesn’t take longer than 15 seconds for the app to connect.

Now it’s connected any websites you visit will think you’re in the UK. All that is left for you to do is visit the BBC iPlayer website.

You can watch both catch-up and live TV so you can either watch Strictly Come Dancing live or if you miss it you can watch it later on catch-up TV.

Below are some image examples of how easy it is to connect on both mobile devices and traditional desktop systems.


NordVPN Android UK


Watch iPlayer abroad

When you’ve finished watching Strictly Come Dancing all you need to do is press Disconnect on the NordVPN app.

You can reconnect at any time as long as you have an active NordVPN subscription so you’ll be able to watch Strictly every week as well as other shows on BBC iPlayer and on other streaming services.

More VPN Providers

NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers. We found their service to be ideal for watching Strictly and other programmes on BBC iPlayer.

They’re also really easy to use which means they’re great if you’re a beginner and you’re a little worried about it being difficult

There are however alternative VPN providers out there and if you want to shop around then that’s entirely possible.

Three more providers that we recommend that are suitable for watching Strictly Come Dancing 2017 abroad are:

In exactly the same way as NordVPN all you need to do is click on one of their names and sign up to their service.

Once you’ve signed up, download the correct app for your device, install it and login.

Then all you need to do is select their United Kingdom server and press Connect.


If you find when you’ve connected to any of the providers listed above that you’re still receiving the error message that you’re outside the UK then there are a few solutions to try.

Solution 1:

Open your web browser in Inprivate or Incognito mode.

In Internet Explorer this is located by going to Settings then Safety and then InPrivate Browsing.

In Google Chrome it’s located by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner and then selecting New incognito window.

While connected to the VPN service you should then visit BBC iPlayer.

Solution 2:

You should select a different UK Server.

Using NordVPN as an example, under United Kingdom title select a different server. Connect and then visit BBC iPlayer again. You may need to try a few servers or different cities before finding one that works.

Solution 3:

If all else fails, contact the support of the VPN provider you signed up to. In the highly unlikely event they can’t help you’ll be able to request a refund.

Don’t forget all you need to watch Strictly Come Dancing abroad 2017 is to get yourself a VPN by clicking the button below and following the instructions earlier in this guide.

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