How to watch Foxtel Go in the UK

Australia and the UK have a long and friendly history, the Brits and the Aussies are similar and different at the same time and we love nothing more than a bit of friendly banter and competition either with jibes or in sporting events (of which Australia mostly win, to my dismay!).

Australian Map

In was estimated in 2008 that there were over 400,000 Australians living either permanently or semi-permanently in the UK which makes up the largest portion of Australian diaspora in any country in the world. In 2010 1 million Australian tourists also visited the UK with only the United States bringing more long-haul visitors.

With so many Australians in the UK and many of you having expensive Foxtel services, it makes sense that you should be able to watch Foxtel Go in the UK. Unfortunately if you try to watch Foxtel Go in the UK or even Foxtel Play you’ll find yourself blocked which is rather annoying especially if you or someone you know is paying for the service.

I’ve written this guide to show you that you can watch Foxtel Go in the UK and it’s relatively easy too so even if you don’t consider yourself a computer wizard then the easy step-by-step instructions will be simple enough to follow.

How to watch Foxtel Go in the UK

The first thing you need is a Foxtel Go account, it can be yours, your families or even a friends. If you try to access Foxtel Go or Foxtel Play in the UK then you’ll be blocked from watching.

Foxtel Blocked

Foxtel Blocked

The reason you’re blocked is because Foxtel know you’re outside Australia and this is determined by your internet connection. There is a product called a VPN that allows you to disguise your location for privacy reasons and make it appear as if you’re located somewhere else.

So basically you end up appearing as if you’re in Australia even though in reality you are in the UK and rather than being stopped from watching Foxtel Go or Foxtel Play they will happily stream you what you want to watch.

Where to get a VPN

Due to the distance between Australia and the UK speed is always going to be a major issue. The physical distance plays a large role in the speed and quality of the stream you’re able to view.

Most providers of VPN services charge around AU$10-18 per month, but there are varying qualities of providers. While some offer fast speeds others offer slower ones and it isn’t until you’ve signed up and paid that you find out if you’ve picked the right one. Thankfully for you, our website looks at all VPN providers and discovers which are the best for different purposes.

To watch Foxtel Go or Foxtel Play in the UK, you need a fast provider so I’ve listed three suitable options that all have Australian servers and will be great choices for this purpose. You can visit any of them by clicking their name below.

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. VyprVPN
[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”center”] Watch Foxtel in the UK with IPVanish [/button-green]

What to do when I’ve signed up

Foxtel Go is available for tablets and mobiles so the first thing to do is ensure you’ve got the Foxtel Go app installed on your device. If you prefer to watch on a PC or Mac then you need to download Foxtel Play available from the Foxtel website.

When you sign up to one of the VPN providers above they’ll supply links to download either their apps for iOS or Android or their PC or Mac software. Depending on which device you want to watch on, download the required app or software. You can alternate between devices, you aren’t locked into just using it on one.

Tablet or Mobile:

The image below is the iOS app for iPad and iPhone but the Android app has exactly the same layout and should be used with Foxtel Go, I’m using IPVanish in this example, but the other providers look similar. Just click the arrow highlighted in red in the image below and select Australia. Then flick the switch above it to Connected. Now launch the Foxtel Go app.

If Foxtel Go still says you’re outside Australia then try a different Australia option in the IPVanish app, ie; if you picked Sydney, try Melbourne, or one of the other Sydney options. Otherwise that is all there is to it, enjoy Foxtel Go in the UK!

IPVanish iOS

PC or Mac:

The PC and Mac software for use in conjunction with Foxtel Play is really similar although has a few more options but is just as easy to use. Just select Server Selection on the left hand side, then List and locate Australia then press connect.

IPVanish Australia

Once connected just launch the Foxtel Play software and you’ll be able to watch Foxtel in the UK. This also works anywhere else in the world too!

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