How to watch Formula 1 2017 online live for free

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Formula 1 2017

The Formula 1 2017 season starts on 26th March 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

If you’re looking for a way to watch the whole season then usually the options are expensive.

The good news is there is a really simple way to watch the entire race season without paying for an expensive cable subscription and in this guide I’m going to show you how to do it.

The entire season will be shown live online in different countries for free and with the aid of a tool called a VPN you can watch these live streams without the need to pay to watch the races.

A VPN allows you to send your internet data via another country and assume that location meaning you’ll be able to watch every Formula 1 race of 2017 live online.

Watch Formula 1 2017 online live for free

You will be able to watch all the races live online from any country in the world but first you need to get yourself a VPN service.

VPN services are available from $6.49 per month which is approximately £5.15 and are usually cheaper if you sign up for a yearly service which makes sense if you want to watch the entire Formula 1 2017 season.

Just follow the simple instructions below.

How to watch Formula 1 2017 online for free:

  • Sign up to the VPN provider IPVanish.
  • Download the Windows or Mac software from the “Apps” section of their website.
  • Install the software and log in.

You’ll now need to select the country of the service you want to watch the Formula 1 race on and press connect.

Below is a guide to which websites are showing which races. Just connect to the country of the corresponding flag below on the IPVanish software and click the correct link.

For example if you want to watch the Chinese F1 then you should connect to Austria on the IPVanish software. If you want to watch the Mexican F1 then connect to Australia and if you want to watch the Bahrain F1 then connect to the UK, etc.

There are of course other VPN services you can sign up to too such as ExpressVPN, StrongVPN and the many others listed in our VPN Comparison Guide so feel free to have a look around if you have the time.

Formula 1 racing flag

Alternative Streams

There are other streams available too from RTL in Germany, SRF in Switzerland, Atres in Spain and MatchTV in Russia.

All you need to do to watch any of those streams is connect to the correct country using the IPVanish software and then visit the websites using the links above.

Who will win the F1 2017?

For the last three years Mercedes have take pole position with Nico Rosberg taking the 2016 title and Lewis Hamilton taking both the 2015 and 2014 ones.

2017 will certainly be one of the most exciting years in Formula 1 history as recent alterations mean chassis changes will be clearly visible and predictions are that the grid will be more spread out.

Regulation changes are likely to make this season different to the past but if this will result in wins for the usual suspects is left to be seen.

Wider tyres and bodywork will see the drivers put under even more pressure as cornering speeds are set to increase.

The new designs are set to put more pressure on the necks of drivers which has lead to many drivers increasing their physical fitness over the winter down period to deal with the strains.

Mercedes are under huge pressure to replicate their success of the last three seasons giving teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari a chance to take the crown.

Watch Formula 1 live online free

A lot of speculation this year will centre around if Fernando Alonso will win a race or if he will ever have the chance of winning a world championship again.

Red Bull are tipped to be the team to benefit most from the regulation changes but if they’re strong enough to take this year’s title is another question.

Who do you think will win? who do you hope will win? but more importantly where in the world will you be watching the Formula 1 2017 from?

We would love to hear your thoughts so why not post them in the comments section?

Don’t forget you can watch all the Formula 1 action online from anywhere in the world just get a VPN by clicking the button below.

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