How to watch Carl Frampton v Andres Gutierrez live anywhere

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Carl Frampton takes on Andres Gutierrez this Friday and if you’re looking for information on how you can watch this important boxing fight then we’ve got the details you need.

The entire fight is being shown live on Channel 5 and it’s possible to watch online if you’re in the UK.

If you’re outside the UK you’ll be blocked from viewing and which leaves you with extremely limited choices.

Luckily there is an app called a VPN that will allow you to unblock the Frampton vs Gutierrez stream on Channel 5 and watch from anywhere in the world.

Below we’ll show you how.

How to watch Carl Frampton v Andres Gutierrez live anywhere

If you’re in the UK you can simply watch the Frampton v Gutierrez fight on Channel 5.

If you’re outside the UK you’ll be blocked from viewing. You’ll likely see a message similar to the following.

Watch TV Player abroad

To unblock the fight all you need to do is sign up for a service called a VPN.

Follow the simple instructions below.

How to watch Carl Frampton v Andres Gutierrez live anywhere:

  1. Visit the VPN provider IPVanish.
  2. Click Start Now and complete the sign-up process. (A 1-month account is enough)
  3. Download the IPVanish app from your app store or the software from the IPVanish website.
  4. Install, Run it and Login.
  5. Select United Kingdom.
  6. Press Connect.

It takes around 15-30 seconds for the app or software to connect.

Once it has connected any website you visit will think you’re in the UK even though you might be in Spain, Australia, the USA or anywhere else in the world.

All you need to do now is visit the live stream page of Channel 5 at the time of the fight by clicking here.

Below you can see the easy steps to connect on both the app and software.

Android / iOS:

IPVanish Android UK

Windows / Mac:

IPVanish UK Server

Windows software.

Other VPN Services

We recommend IPVanish to watch the Frampton v Gutierrez fight because we find them the fastest.

Speed is important when streaming video overseas otherwise you’ll end up with buffering meaning you could miss exciting parts of the action.

There are however other VPN providers available and if you’ve got time to look around then three more we recommend are:

Carl Frampton v Andres Gutierrez

Frampton v Gutierrez takes place on July 29th, 2017. Coverage starts from 10:10 pm BST (UK).

The time of the fight in New York, US is 5:10 pm and in California, US it’s 2:10 pm.

The fight takes place at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Frampton who lost his WBA world featherweight title back in January will have something to prove but for Gutierrez, this may be the biggest fight of his career calling it an “opportunity of a lifetime”.

Out of a 35 fight career, Gutierrez has finished 25 with knock-outs meaning he is a dangerous opponent for Frampton but with Frampton aiming to avoid a career-ruining two fight defeat run he will certainly be no pushover.

Frampton has the upper hand with the fight taking place in his hometown of Belfast. Gutierrez, however, has age on his side being 6 years the junior Frampton and with a slight height advantage, he may just take victory.

Don’t forget you can watch the entire Frampton v Gutierrez fight anywhere in the world with a VPN just following the instructions earlier in this guide.

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