How to watch Australian TV in the UK

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Australians have long been world travellers and one of the questions many ask is How can I watch Australian TV in the UK or elsewhere in the world?

With more and more Australians choosing to discover the world many make trips abroad for part time working holidays while others up sticks and leave for good. There are plenty of locations that Aussies choose to visit and one of the most popular locations is the UK with parts of Europe, the USA and Asia also high on the charts.

The TV service in many parts of the world is usually rather good especially if you’re in an English speaking country but for those Australians who find themselves in South America, mainland Europe or Asia the choice of English TV may be very limited or indeed very poor.

Even those amongst you who are in the UK or USA might yearn for some good old Australian programming to catch up on your favourite show or even just for nostalgia.

There are many good online TV streaming services in Australia from ABC iView to Jump-In from Channel 9 and not forgetting SBS and more. Unfortunately if you’re like me and have tried to visit them you’ll no doubt have been informed that due to “copyright” that these programs are not available outside of Australia.

At this point many of you will have given up the dream of watching those shows from back home that you love but that need not be the case and I will explain how in this simple guide, we have even made a handy video which you can watch at the bottom of this article to see just how easy the process is.

What you will need is something called a Virtual Network Provider aka VPN.

What is a VPN

A VPN is a simple way of making a secure connection to another computer system. In the case of this article we’ll want to connect to a computer in Australia.

The magic then is that once connected all your internet data is sent through this secure connection and out to the internet, the VPN becomes kind of like a middle man between yourself and the internet.

What this does is the websites that you visit now see the IP address of the VPN provider (or Middle man in simple terms). An IP address is similar to a phone number in that it identifies you to the internet and tells websites where to send what when you visit them.

It is also a way in which gives away your physical location, this is how TV streaming websites know when you’re not in Australia. The magic of the VPN provider is once connected everything you do now gives the impression you are in Australia and so they serve you the online programs just as if you standing in Sydney or elsewhere yourself.

There really is nothing else to it, all you need to do is find a VPN provider that has access in Australia, or as it will be known, a “server” in Australia. One of the best providers we’ve used is IPVanish who we have tried and tested in our IPVanish Review so you can be sure of a decent service from them.

There are plenty of other good providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN which also offer Australian VPN servers and others can be found in our VPN Comparison Table but just make sure they have an Australian server and you’ll be fine.

If you’re still wondering how hard the process is then take a look at our video guide below.

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