How to watch AtresPlayer outside Spain

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If you're Spanish or looking to watch something on Spanish TV then you'll no doubt heard of AtresPlayer. AtresPlayer is one of the most popular online streaming services for Spain and shows Spanish language TV programmes and sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League.

But what if you want to watch AtresPlayer outside Spain? For any of you who have tried it you'll have been sorely disappointed as AtresPlayer is blocked outside Spain and you're likely to hit a message similar to the following.

Watch AtresPlayer outside Spain blocked.

Contenido no disponible en su zona geografica.

Which if you haven't already guessed loosely translates to “Content not available in your region“.

The reason for this is because you're not in Spain but with a service from VPN provider IPVanish you can appear as if you are in Spain and watch AtresPlayer outside Spain. Basically you can watch AtresPlayer anywhere in the world.

So if you want to watch shows like Constructor a la fuga, Mar de Plástico, Al rincón or even UEFA Champions League football outside Spain then AtresPlayer with IPVanish is the way to go.

IPVanish allows you to disguise your online location and appear as if you are in Spain. All you need to do is sign up for an account, connect to their Spanish server and then visit AtresPlayer.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Watch AtresPlayer outside Spain from anywhere in the world. Test the service for 7 days and if it's not for you get a full refund.

A few other VPN providers to consider if you want to shop around are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. HideMyAss

Once you've signed up you're able to access on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with the software and apps IPVanish provide.

Download and install the software or app for your device and then connect to their Spanish server to watch AtresPlayer outside Spain.

How to watch AtresPlayer outside Spain video

If you're wondering if the process is complicated watch my example video in which I use IPVanish on Windows 10 to watch AtresPlayer outside Spain.

Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to follow my step-by-step guide to watch AtresPlayer outside Spain then I've put together an example guide below using IPVanish on Windows, the process is the same on Mac and even easier with the Android or iOS apps.

1. Download and install the IPVanish software from their website.

2. Run the software from the desktop icon.

3. Press Sever Selection on the left hand side of the window.

4. Press List and type Spain in the search box.

5. Select the top Spanish option and then press Connect.

IPVanish Spain

After about 15 seconds the software will make connection.

Once it's connected you will now appear as if you're in Spain regardless of where you actually are in the world. Any website you visit will think you're in Spain. So if for example you visit Google it is likely to redirect you to Google España.

Now all you need to do is visit the AtresPlayer website and instead of being blocked with a message telling you that the content is not available in your region you'll now be able to watch any show or sporting event just as if you were in Spain.

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