How to watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ outside the UK

The BBC political mini-series ‘A Very English Scandal’ is making headlines and attracting big audiences in the UK for all sorts of reasons. It seems to be one of those ‘must-see’ shows, yet unless you are in the UK, that isn’t possible at the moment.

However, by using a VPN you can still watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ outside the UK and in this article, we will explain exactly how to do it. There is therefore no excuse not to catch the amazing performances of Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw in this cult mini-series.

Watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ outside the UK 

The show has been made for the BBC and is being shown on BBC One. However, it is also being streamed on the BBC iPlayer service, where you can watch each episode both live and on-demand after it has first been broadcast.

But the BBC iPlayer only makes its content available to internet users in the UK, and the BBC webmasters have gone out of their way to try and stop people outside the UK from being able to use it using geo-restriction technology.

They have also followed the Netflix path of trying to block VPN users from being able to access the service. But, like Netflix, they have only been partially successful in this.

While some VPNs are not able to access the iPlayer at the moment, many still are. So, as long as you are using one of these providers, you will be able to watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ no matter where in the world you are.

How to watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ – a step-by-step guide

Of those VPN providers that can still access the BBC iPlayer, there are three that we recommend to readers. They are ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and NordVPN.

Users of any of these VPNs will be able to watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ outside the UK. We are going to illustrate how to do this using NordVPN. But the simple step-by-step guide below should work for any of them.

How to watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ outside the UK using a VPN

  1. Sign up with NordVPN by clicking on one of the links in this page and then following the simple onscreen instructions to sign up.
  2. Next, you will need to download the correct NordVPN app for your device. You can do this on the Apps section of their website or by searching in your app store.
  3. Once you have the app installed, log-in using the account details you were given in Step 1.
  4. Connect to a UK-based server. Any will do, but we usually recommend the one closest to your actual location for optimum speeds.
  5. Now visit the BBC iPlayer website and enjoy the show.

When is ‘A Very English Scandal’ on?

The first episode of ‘A Very English Scandal’ aired on BBC One on Sunday 20th May at 9pm. The second part of the series went out on Sunday 27th May at the same time and the final part will be broadcast on 3rd June, again at 9pm.

The show tells the story of British Liberal Party MP Jeremy Thorpe. He was a high-flyer in the party and tipped for the leadership, but he had a big secret. He was homosexual at a time when sexual activity between men was illegal in the UK.

Thorpe’s political career collapsed in spectacular fashion in 1979 when, after his lover Normal Scott, threatened to expose him, he allegedly hired a hitman to kill him. Thorpe stood trial for attempted murder and was eventually acquitted, but the saga proved to be one of the biggest political scandals in UK history.

A book, called ‘A Very English Scandal’ was written by author John Preston and this has now been adapted into a TV mini-series by Dr Who’s Russell T Davies. The series is directed by two-time nominee for the Academy Award for Best Director, Stephen Frears.

It stars Hugh Grant as Jeremy Thorpe, Ben Whishaw as Normal Scott, and an all-star British ensemble in support. Critics have been unanimous in their acclaim and it has drawn big audiences on both the iPlayer streaming service and BBC One.

Recap: How to watch ‘A Very English Scandal’ outside the UK

‘A Very English Scandal’ can be watched live or on-demand on the BBC iPlayer. But if you are outside the UK, you will need to be using a VPN to enjoy it.

Not every VPN works with the iPlayer, but we have identified three top providers that do and provided an easy step-by-step guide on how to do it.  If you follow our guide, you should have no problem watching ‘A Very English Scandal’ from anywhere in the world.

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