How to use Spotify in any country

Online media services are becoming big business and it seems no matter what type of entertainment, be it music or movies there is now an online service to stream that content directly to you. Spotify is no exception to this and has cemented itself as the number one way to stream music online. Unfortunately like many online entertainment services these days, it is heavily region restricted so understanding how to use Spotify in any country, or your own country is a paramount desire for today’s music savvy world citizen, especially if you are blocked from signing up.

The global consumer village has shrunk in size with the explosion of internet uptake and being restricted from accessing one of the buzzword services such as Spotify, Netflix or many others can be rather frustrating. The technical reason why you’re blocked from signing up to Spotify is due to your physical location, this is understood by the Spotify website based on your internet connection. Every home internet connection can be used to determine your location.

Although companies are not able to pinpoint your location to your very house, they can narrow it down to your area or at the very least your country and this is why you find yourself blocked from signing up to Spotify.

Spotify signup blocked

The way to bypass this restriction is to make use of a service that can mask your location. The best service for this task is called a Virtual Private Network, which are more commonly known by their abbreviated name, VPN.

VPN services range in price and quality, for signing up to Spotify you only require a VPN for the sign up process which means looking for the cheapest is the ideal solution. Two providers who are extremely cheap are LiquidVPN and IronSocket who retail at US$6 and US$6.99 respectively for one month. Although paying may seem a little strange to sign up for the free service of Spotify, you have to think of the wealth of songs you have access to. Now that mobile streaming is also available as part of the free Spotify package it makes signing up even more attractive.

Following the step by step instructions below, you’ll soon be using Spotify in any country you wish :-

  1. Sign up to either LiquidVPN or IronSocket.
  2. Download the software provided for Windows or your system of choice.
  3. Install and Login using the provided Username and Password given for your VPN service.
  4. Connect to a UK VPN server.
  5. Visit the Spotify website.
  6. Click Download Spotify.
  7. Enter the required details to your satisfaction.
  8. Press Sign Up and download the SpotifySetup.exe
  9. Install Spotify and login to the desktop application.
  10. You can now disconnect from the VPN server.

You are now free to login to Spotify from anywhere in the world including your current location and country. Don’t forget you don’t need the VPN service any longer but still have the rest of the month to make use of it which can be used for accessing other services such as BBC iPlayer, 4 On Demand, Netflix, Hulu and many other worldwide services.

Spotify can now be installed on your mobile device using the free package, although it contains adverts like the desktop counterpart it is a great way to listen to music while mobile, so if you have a good data package or have access to wi-fi in locations on the move then you can certainly use Spotify all over the world now that you’ve registered using the method above.

If you don’t have a mobile device such as a phone or tablet then the desktop software will work as intended and apart from a handful of adverts and commercials you can listen to a wealth of music absolutely free and if Spotify isn’t available in your country directly then by using the method above you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

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