How to unlock Titanfall 2 early

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Titanfall 2 is the long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed Titanfall game that came out back in 2014.

On October 27th, 2016 Titanfall 2 will be released around the world. As you’re likely aware there are many different time zones around the world and countries such as New Zealand and Australia can often be as much as 18 hours ahead of parts of the United States.

In this guide I’m going to show you how you’ll be able to unlock Titanfall 2 early at the first possible opportunity which is when it releases at 10pm AEDT. AEDT is the time zone for Eastern Australia in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Titanfall 2

How to unlock Titanfall 2 early

The game will unlock on EA’s Origin system at 10pm AEDT which is 11am in the UK, 7am in places such as New York (EDT) and 4am in places such as California (PST).

To unlock the game early you need to alter your internet connection to show you’re in Australia and trick Origin into unlocking the game early.

To do this you’ll need to sign up to a VPN service from a provider such as IPVanish by following the link below.

A VPN service will cost you US$6.49 a month (£5.31) when taking an annual package and if you only want to unlock Titanfall 2 early then you’ll only need a 1-month package after which you can cancel it.

It’s worth taking a look around our website to see what other uses you can use the VPN service for too because it can help you watch content from other regions, unlock other games early and protect your privacy so you may wish to keep the service.

Once you’ve signed up download the Windows software from the VPN Apps area of their website.

Install the software and run it.

Login when required.

Select an Australian server and press Connect.

IPVanish Australia

The software will now make connection for you.

Once it’s connected any websites you visit or services you use such as Origin will think you’re in Australia.

You can now run Origin and unlock Titanfall 2.

For speed reasons you such unlock the game first, pause any download and disconnect from the VPN service by pressing Disconnect. Then you can resume the download.

You may need to restart Origin after disconnecting from the VPN service.

If you run into problems you can also try changing the time on your desktop to that of AEDT which will be 22:00 when the game unlocks.

Once the game has unlocked and downloaded you’ll be able to play straight away. No waiting for the game to unlock in your area.

Enjoy Titganfall 2 ahead of your friends!

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