How to Setup a VPN on a Smart TV: The Easiest Method

Smart TV VPN

Smart TVs are great but if you’re trying to install a VPN on one you’re probably ending up with a headache like a lot of people.

In this guide we’re going to show you the easiest method on how to setup a VPN on a Smart TV, so easy in fact, even your granny could do it.

The guide is suitable for all range of Smart TVs from a Samsung Smart TV to other brands too.

We’ve got two solutions.

The first is suitable for every Smart TV and easy to carry out. The second is suitable if your Smart TV is running the Android operating system similar to your phone.

So let’s get started.

Method 1: Suitable for everyone and every Smart TV

Many Smart TVs have no VPN functionality built in which is why you’ve probably struggled in the past.

It’s not simply a case of installing a piece of software like your computer or app on your phone because these don’t exist for most Smart TVs.

To install on your Smart TV if it isn’t using Android you’ll need a hardware device and for this the best and cheapest method is to get an Invizbox Go.

The Invizbox Go is a small box that has VPN functionally built in and creates a new Wi-Fi hotspot. Any device you connect to it then uses the VPN connection.

Follow the steps below to enable VPN functionality on your Smart TV using the Invizbox Go.

  1. Buy an Invizbox Go, you can save 10% using this link.
  2. When it arrives follow the installation instructions.
  3. Connect the Invizbox Go to your home Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Connect your Smart TV to the Invizbox Go Wi-Fi hotspot.

Your Smart TV is now using the VPN connection and your privacy is secure.

InvizBox Go

If you want to access specific services, for example, BBC iPlayer from abroad or Sky Go you should set the Invizbox Go to connect to a UK Server.

It may also be possible to access things such as American Netflix using the Netflix app, just select a USA server on the Invizbox Go and then launch the Netflix app on your Smart TV. Although with Netflix cracking down on VPN services this may be a little hit and miss.

For all other apps that are region blocked, you should have no issues.

Regardless of what country you’re in you can now change your location and access blocked services.

Method 2: Suitable if your Smart TV uses Android

If your Smart TV runs Android like your mobile phone or tablet then installation is even easier and cheaper!

First, you need to get yourself a VPN service.

We recommend using IPVanish because they’re fast and reliable, they also scored our highest ever review score this year which earned them our Editor’s Choice award. You can sign-up using the button below.

Once signed up follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Smart TV.
  2. Search “IPVanish VPN”.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Once installed launch the IPVanish VPN app.

You can now select a country of your choice and connect.

The majority of Smart TVs running Android should have no problem with this method and you’re free to bypass geo-blocks and access restricted content.

If this method doesn’t work for you then you’ll need to refer to Method 1 which will work.

Now you can enjoy accessing blocked content or content from other regions using your Smart TV.

Author: Christopher Seward

Having used the internet since 1994, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.

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