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VyprVPN Website

So you’ve done your research, signed up to VyprVPN and now you want to know the best way of going about installing their software and getting connected to a server? There are a number of ways on Windows in which this can be achieved. The more complicated way for a beginner would be to use OpenVPN directly which with VyprVPN requires downloading configuration files from a different section and renaming them, for the beginner I would advise against this as there is a much easier solution which is a whole lot more user friendly.

Thankfully VyprVPN offer custom software which allows you to make connection via any of the connection protocols from PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. If you’re unsure of which protocol to use don’t worry as the software also has handy guides in the options which I’ll cover later on in this guide.

So to get started you’ll need to head over the VyprVPN website which can be found at

Once here select “Support” in the top right hand corner of the website. Next under the “Windows” title select “Download“. You can download software for other platforms at this same screen but in this guide I’m concentrating on the Windows software only.

VyprVPN Website

A new page will open on their website and the software will automatically be pushed for you to download. You can at this point choose where to save the file. If you’re new or unsure about downloading like this then saving to the Desktop will be fine.

If it doesn’t download first time or you run in to problems then you can get the file again by clicking on “click here to try the download again” which is located around the centre of the screen.

Once the file is downloaded you can quit your web browser as the website is no longer needed.

You should have a file called “VyprVPN-” although the numbers at the end will vary as they update the software so don’t worry if you see slight differences on the file you downloaded. Double Click on this file to start the installation process.

It is likely that you will get a notice that dims your screen and asks “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?” if you do then select “Yes“.

The first screen of installation is basically information. You can simply select “Next” on this screen.

Vypr Install 1

The next screen is the License Agreement. It would be wise to read through this although I suspect very few people read through these types of agreements, for those of you who do, feel free to read it, the rest of us will assume we aren’t signing our soul away and can select “I Agree“.

Vypr Install 2

The screen following allows you to enable a “Start Menu Shortcut” and a “Desktop Shortcut“. These are self explanatory and can be enabled or disabled to your requirements. Once you’ve made your choice proceed to select “Next“.

Vypr Install 3

The final screen before installation commences is to select which hard drive or location you wish to install on. For the majority of users the pre-selected location will be fine and unless you are aware of what you’re doing and have a necessity to change the location then you should leave it as set and press “Install“.

The Windows software will proceed to install, you can leave this process to complete automatically and should take no longer than 10-30 seconds. If this is the first time installing then you may be required to accept installing a further software called something similar to “TAP Drivers“. If so then you can accept this as it is required to make connection. If you do not get this request then it is likely you already have those drivers installed.

Once Installation is complete proceed to press “Finish“. You can now delete the file “VyprVPN-” as this is no longer required.

Vypr Install 4

You should now have a VyprVPN icon on your desktop or also accessible from your Start Menu if you accepted this option on installation.

VyprVPN Icon

Double click on this to launch the application.

You’ll be presented with a new window which is the VyprVPN software itself. For the new user the actual connection is extremely easy. At the top half of the window you’ll see a “Connect” button with a location icon to its right.


By pressing this location icon and then “Show Servers…” will open a further window on which you can select the country server you wish to connect to. So for example let’s say you wanted to watch BBC iPlayer then you would select “United Kingdom” and then exit the country selection window. You will notice the country has changed to your selection under the “Connect” button.

VyprVPN Country

Before connecting I would recommend for security and privacy to open the options menu which is accessible by clicking the small Cog Icon found in the upper right hand corner, clicking “Options” then selecting “Protocol” and then selecting “OpenVPN – 256 bit encryption“. This isn’t a required step and for just streaming content is slight overkill but from a privacy point of view this is the best protocol (option) to select. Press “Apply” and then “OK“.

Next the final step is to hit the huge “Connect” button and let the software work it’s magic. The button itself will turn yellow and state “Connecting“. Once connected you should notice that the IP address visible in the lower half of the screen has changed and the previous connect button has changed red and now states “Disconnect“.

You are now connected and are giving the impression you are in the United Kingdom or the country you selected. You can confirm this by visiting a website such as

You are now free to carry out the task you wanted such as watch geo restricted content or surf the net safe in the knowledge your privacy and security are in safe hands.

If you get stuck on any stage or have questions feel free to post in the comments as I would love to help.

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