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IPVanish are one of the bigger VPN providers on the VPN scene, not only do they have a mass of servers but they’re also one of the biggest providers of different VPN locations. We did an IPVanish Review in 2016 and found them to be fast, reliable and professional. They are certainly one of the best VPN providers out there and as such it is definitely worthwhile signing up to them if they meet your needs. For those of you who have already signed up you may be wondering how to go about connecting to a server. For the purpose of this article we’ll look at the easiest way to connect on a Windows system.

Upon signing up you’ll have chance to provide your chosen username and password. Once you’ve completed the sign up process and your account is active you can proceed to downloading the software provided by IPVanish. It is possible to make manual connection yourself and details of this are provided on their site to aid the process. However I am examining the easiest and quickest solution to make connection which is simply to make use of the custom software that IPVanish provide.

The first port of call is to actually head over to the IPVanish website and download their custom software. Luckily IPVanish have made this easy to access from the top of their main page by clicking “VPN Software“. You can download software for all systems from this one page but for the purpose of this guide click on the “Windows” logo. A new section of the same page will open up below at which point you should select “Download Software“.

You should now have a file named “ipvanish-setup.exe” in the location you download to. Double click this to start the installation process.

It is possible you will receive a “Security Warning” at which point you should select “Install“. The installation process will now begin starting with automatically downloading some additional files. You will then be asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer to which you should select “Yes“.

IPVanish Installation

If you don’t already have the TAP Driver installed from previously installing other VPN software such as OpenVPN or another providers custom program then you may need to authorise the installation of this too. If you already have the driver installed then it won’t be require to install it again. Regardless this process will be automated and only require your confirmation.

The actual installation process of the IPVanish software is one of the most simple I have experienced from any provider and after the above steps are completed there is nothing more to do in terms of installation. You’ll be presented with a list of servers that are available to connect to. These can be sorted by City, Country, Server and Response Time. To do this just click the heading of the column by which you wish to sort the selection of VPN servers by.

Once you’ve decided on which VPN server you wish to connect to your other major choice is by which protocol. If you aren’t overly sure of the difference then I recommend selecting OpenVPN (UDP) for security and speed purposes. You may also like to try the (TCP) option if you feel the speeds achieved aren’t satisfactory with (UDP) although personally I have never encountered an issue when making use of it.

IPVanish GUI

Next simply click on the server you wish to connect to and press the large “Connect” button found in the lower right corner of the software. The software itself will handle all the connection process and inform you in the upper right hand area when connected. I always like to check I am connected by visiting a site such as GeoIP so you can ensure that you are definitely connected to the VPN server of your choice. Once you’ve confirmed this you can surf the internet knowing you are now secure behind the VPN server and your privacy is protected by the IPVanish service.

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