How to activate and play Fallout 4 early

How to unlock Fallout 4 early

Fallout 4 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. No one would disagree that the Fallout franchise has become one of the most well know first person shooter games of recent years and finding out how to activate and play Fallout 4 early is a question on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

If you aren’t already aware, Fallout 4 will be released on November 10th across the world and if you know the basics of world time you’ll know that New Zealand and Australia are quite some time ahead of Europe and even more so than the US and Canada.

How to unlock Fallout 4 early

How to play Fallout 4 early

The game will be released on the PC platform via Steam and it will unlock first at 02:01 am on the 10th in New Zealand and 00:01 in Australia.

As midnight hits in each country it’ll then be unlocked but as New Zealand is nearly around 11 hours ahead of mainland Europe, 12 ahead of the United Kingdom and up to 20 hours ahead of the western coast of the United States then it means Kiwi players and Aussies will be the first to get their hands on the game.

Well, that sucks if you’re in Europe or North America!

The great news is it doesn’t have to suck at all and you can, in theory, be playing at exactly the same time as the New Zealanders and Australians using a super simple tool called a Virtual Private Network or VPN to give it its more commonly known and easier abbreviation.

VPN systems are designed to protect your privacy and with this they allow you to disguise your location. So if you’re in Europe or North America a VPN allows you to appear as if you’re in New Zealand/Australia and if Steam thinks you’re in New Zealand/Australia then it’ll unlock the game early.

This means you can be playing in the UK at 13:00 on Monday 9th, 14:00 in Central Europe on Monday 9th and between 05:00am and 09:00am in the United States on Monday 9th!

I did this myself when the game Homefront came out back in 2011 and it worked a treat and plenty of others have done it with various games over the years.

Now there is a bit of concern that using a VPN with Steam is against their terms of service, however, this relates mainly to using one to get cheaper deals. For example games on Steam used to be about 7 times cheaper in Russia than in Europe or the US and so using a VPN to gain access to the cheaper region stores and ultimately prices is certainly against the terms of service.

However, using one to active your game early really isn’t in the same league and I’ve never heard of anyone having their game revoked for activating it early by using a VPN, the chance is there although it is extremely remote, but just so you’re warned you do this at your own risk. Like I said, I did this with Homefront in 2011 and I still have that game in my library 4 years later.

It’s best to avoid “free” VPN services because thousands of players will be attempting to use them and if Steam see thousands of connections from the same VPN service they’re more likely to ban you’re account.

Tell me where to get a VPN and active Fallout 4 up to 20 hours earlier!

OK, the first thing you want to do is sign up for a VPN service with IPVanish which can cost as little as US$6.49 (approx £4.20). There are tons of other uses for a VPN like activating other games earlier, accessing entertainment from around the world that is usually blocked and a whole host more but if you really only want to activate Fallout 4 then you only need a 1 month service. It might be worth keeping it longer, but that decision is yours.

Just follow the red link below and sign-up.

[button-red url=”” target=”_blank” position=”center”] Visit IPVanish [/button-red]

On November 9th follow the instructions below.

Once you’ve signed up connect to a New Zealand or Australian server. This can be accessed in Server Selection and then List. Select a server and press Connect.

IPVanish Australia

Next launch Steam and you should see Fallout 4 unlocked and ready to play. Run the game once, then quit. You can now disconnect from the VPN service.

You should pre-load the game at the first opportunity and not pre-load it via a New Zealand or Australian server as it would be too slow. Only use the VPN service to unlock the game early, not to download it.

Enjoy playing Fallout 4 early before any of your friends!

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

After 25 years of using the internet, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.


  1. Avatar meIIow

    i hope this works, i cant wait to play the game 😀

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      It will. I’ve done this myself with Homeland and other games 🙂

  2. Avatar Brian

    Will this work if game was preordered through 3rd party website? Specifically Green Man Gaming

  3. Avatar Brian

    Will this work if I preordered through a third party? Specifically green man gaming

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      As long as you have the game activated on Steam already or before the release date it will work. If you don’t get the activation code until the time it releases in your country then it wouldn’t work.

  4. Avatar Jamie Douch

    Hi, i am planning on doing this and am using VYPRVPN but was wondering how i can make sure it is working, or will i have to wait until the game is released and try then?

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      You’ll have to wait until the game is released in New Zealand and then you can activate it. You should pre-load it without a VPN when you can.

      • Avatar asdf

        is there a free VPN that gives me a New Zealand connection? If so can you link me? I would Google this but I don’t trust random downloads without a strangers advice. XD

        • Avatar VPNCompare

          Free VPN services aren’t recommended because they have no incentive to keep your details secure. If you’re not paying for the service then you are the service – just not worth the risk.

      • Avatar Anus Dongerton

        Do you know if my steam account will be banned if i do this? Or does Valve only ban people who buy games for cheaper with a VPN?

        • Avatar VPNCompare

          I can’t guarantee your account won’t be banned but after working 3 years in gaming retail I never once heard of an account being banned for doing this.

          Usually banned accounts are for purchasing games from a cheaper region using a VPN and even then mostly they just revoke the game.

          It should be safe but again, no guarantees.

  5. Avatar Yancie Bravo

    Think itll work on consoles?

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      It’s unlikely, you would need a VPN router because you wouldn’t be able to download the VPN software directly to a console. Or you’d need to be sharing a PC/Mac internet connection somehow.

      I’m not even sure how console games release, maybe if it’s already downloading and waiting to unlock then yes but unless you owned a $200 VPN router already it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

  6. Avatar Yancie Bravo

    Dont think my other comment posted but do you think this will work on consoles?

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      Comments have to be approved, we’ve replied to your earlier one.

  7. Avatar slim

    Hi! i’ve been testing VPNs out with little success. most of the time, it will still show european currency (no success). other times, it shows australian currency (as the vpn doesnt have NZ servers). but it changes back to euro in a matter of seconds. am i doing something wrong? like the order of closing steam, or starting it as offline mode first, active vpn and go online? i dont know really…

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      If you go to add a game to your cart then look in the top right hand corner of the cart you’ll see you can change the price to AUS$ because it recognises you’re in Australia. Otherwise it stays in your local currency.

      • Avatar slim

        that seems to be my problem. even though i activated the VPN to australia, it doesnt show AUS money. seems very strange.

        • Avatar VPNCompare

          Have you tried adding a game to your cart then looking in the top right corner? See this image :-

        • Avatar VPNCompare

          Have you tried adding a game to your cart then looking in the top right corner? See this image.

          • Avatar slim

            Did some research and found out that i needed to change the store region in settings > view account details > store region after i turned on the VPN and restarted Steam. Although I cant find any free VPN that has NZ as server, i will have to settle with Australia. I appreciate your help, really. Thanks <3

          • Avatar VPNCompare

            Glad you sorted it. Although the store prices really won’t matter for activation, it’ll work regardless of what the store prices say.

            Enjoy playing the game early! let’s hope it’s as good as it looks 🙂

  8. Avatar DSLA M

    Any updates on this?? I want to pay $7.50 but I want to be sure it works

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      The game is out in Australia / NZ.

      I’ve checked if you go to the store using my normal connection (in the UK) it says Pre-Order. If I go using a VPN in New Zealand it says Buy Now.


      • Avatar DSLA M

        I have already purchased the game in the UK, I just want to unlock the game and play it. Are there any free VPN services for this? I am trying Freedome but the high traffic wont let me connect to melbourne,

        Thanks for the fast reply!

        • Avatar VPNCompare

          That’s the problem with “free” VPNs. Thousands of people cramming onto them to activate.

          You could be waiting hours. But the choice is yours.

          Enjoy the game!

          • Avatar DSLA M

            Aye its whether or not its worth waiting for 10 hours or pay a fiver and get it now. Im edging towards paying. So this will 100% work? Are there any other time zones? I am willing to use an alternative time zone closer to around 8pm UK time

          • Avatar VPNCompare

            Reports on Reddit are that it’s working. People are struggling to get on the “free” VPNs though.

            You could try again in an hour or two on the free ones and they might have eased up.

            Suppose it depends how eager you are to play 😉

          • Avatar DSLA M

            Good idea, Ill try again at around 5pm and if it is still heavy ill switch to a payed one, it will be well worth the extra fiver i’ve waited years for this!

            Thank you for your replies!

          • Avatar VPNCompare

            Well it makes sense, once you’ve paid so much for the game. Let us know how you get on… unless you’re too busy playing 😉

  9. Avatar yourmum

    its not working for me, i have tried new Zealand, Australia 🙁 any advice to get it working? (i did change my country in settings and on the cart too!)

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      What VPN provider are you using?

      • Avatar yourmum

        ipvanish i bought a month lol

        atm i got it to work but its pop’d up with a box saying ‘updating fallout 4’ says its gonna take an hour or more :/ and i already pre-loaded it 🙁

        connected to a new zeland server

        • Avatar VPNCompare

          Pause the update, quit steam, quit the VPN then load Steam again. You should be able to update faster.

    • Avatar VPNCompare

      A few tips to try :

      – Try a different Australian server.

      – First connect to the Australian VPN. Then visit in your web browser and login. Then load Steam and login. Check the game to see if it’s released.

      – Make sure you change your store settings to Australia.

      – Confirm you are indeed connected to Australia when connected to the VPN by visiting

  10. Avatar VPNCompare

    Have you tried these tips ?

    – Try a different Australian server.

    – First connect to the Australian VPN. Then visit… in your web browser and login. Then load Steam and login. Check the game to see if it’s released.

    – Make sure you change your store settings to Australia.

    – Confirm you are indeed connected to Australia when connected to the VPN by visiting

  11. Avatar VPNCompare

    Have you tried these solutions?

    – Try a different Australian server.

    – First connect to the Australian VPN. Then visit… in your web browser and login. Then load Steam and login. Check the game to see if it’s released.

    – Make sure you change your store settings to Australia.

    – Confirm you are indeed connected to Australia when connected to the VPN by visiting

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