How to access UK gambling sites abroad

Gambling online

In this guide we’re going to show you how you can access UK gambling sites and continue to play as if you were at home in the UK.

Regardless of what your gambling poison is many of us choose to do our gambling online and when we’re in the UK we think nothing of it, we login, place a bet and that’s it. However, when you’re abroad the situation changes.

If you’ve ever tried to login to your favourite bookmakers, bingo site or other gambling outlet you’ll be slapped with a big juicy message informing you that you’re not allowed to play from your current location.

Gambling Block

Gambling blocks can be a pain.

You’re probably about to give up at this point but never fear, we’re about to show you a simple solution using an app called a VPN that will let you place bets and gamble while you’re outside the UK on any of your UK gambling accounts.

How to access UK gambling sites abroad

To mask your IP Address you need some software called a VPN. A VPN allows you to assume the location of any other country. VPN services are provided by many different companies and cost between £3-£6 per month (Approx $5-$10).

Three providers that we recommend for gambling abroad are as follows.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

All you need to do is follow one of the links above and sign up to a provider.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to download their free software. This is available for your Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS so you’ll be able to gamble across multiple devices as long as you can usually access your favourite betting site in the UK on that device.

So if your mobile device has an app for the casino or bingo site you use then you’ll still be able to play on that abroad. If you usually play on a laptop or desktop computer that will work too!

Using a VPN is simple, on their software all you have to do is click to connect to a UK server. As soon as you’re connected you can visit your usual gambling sites and instead of being hit with a blocked message you’ll be able to play games, place bets and keep on gambling while abroad.

ExpressVPN UK

The ExpressVPN app is easy to use.

Don’t forget there is a risk involved. While it’s unlikely that the gambling site you use will be able to stop you using a VPN you have to consider if you won a million pounds and then lost it for breaking the Terms & Conditions of the site you’d have no comeback. For small bets though it is probably a risk worth taking!

Good luck and fingers crossed that you win!

Why am I blocked in the first place?

The UK has a massive gambling and betting industry. The high street has always had a bookmaker from individual businesses many years ago to huge chain bookies that exist today. Online gambling has also become huge and the UK is at the forefront with it being much more free in terms of legislation compared to many other countries.

Gambling is a national past-time and can range from a yearly flutter on the Grand National, a few pounds on online bingo to full time professional gamblers who make a living off chancing their odds against the bookmakers.

To understand how to bypass the gambling blocks you’ve got to understand why you’re blocked in the first place. When you connect to the internet you’re given something called an IP Address. An IP Address is a unique set of numbers to identify you.

When you visit your favourite gambling site the IP Address tells the site where to send all the data. Unfortunately not only does your IP Address allow your internet connection to work but it also allows your physical location to be discovered.

It doesn’t allow your exact address or even street to be known but within a few miles radius. So if you’re outside of the UK there is no escaping it by simply trying to login from your internet connection abroad.

If you want to place a bet abroad or play a betting game then thankfully you can mask your IP Address with a VPN so you appear as if you’re still in the UK and we explained the steps above.

Important warning

As with anything, there is a bit of a warning. Changing your IP Address is entirely fine and legal, however, most gambling sites require you to actually be in the UK to place a bet or play online gambling games.

By altering your IP Address you may fall foul of their terms and conditions and as such they could revoke any winnings. It’s unlikely and if the winnings are small amounts it’s definitely worth the gamble (excuse the pun!) however if you won a huge amount and they revoked it, it wouldn’t be all that fun.

So while we’re letting you know it’s possible to bet abroad, we’re not suggesting you do and you should understand the risks involved before taking that gamble.

If you’re a gambling man or women which is likely that you are then have a punt and get betting from outside the UK!

Don’t forget, you should only gamble what you can afford to lose. If you feel you may have a gambling problem consult a site such as GamCare.

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