How to access Sky Bet abroad

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In this guide we’re going to show you the quickest, easiest and most secure method for accessing your Sky Bet account from abroad.

Gambling is a national past time in the UK and if you’ve got a Sky Bet account you’ve probably enjoyed having a flutter on many of the different games.

If you’re travelling outside the UK or you’re already travelling and you’ve tried to access your Sky Bet account then you’ll know it’s blocked from access when you’re overseas. Alternatively you’ll be pushed to a localised site which your UK Sky Bet account doesn’t work with.

Below we’re going to show you how by using a tool called a VPN you can login to your Sky Bet account, place bets, play games and a whole lot more, just as if you were back home in the UK.

Quick-Guide: How to unlock Sky Bet anywhere

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and login to their app.
  3. Select the United Kingdom and press Connect.
  4. Open the Sky Bet app or visit the website and start enjoying.

How to access Sky Bet abroad in just 6 Simple Steps

When you visit the Sky Bet website and you’re outside the UK, instead of seeing the website like normal you’ll be hit with a block message that will look something a little like this:

Sky Bet Blocked

The reason is the website knows you’re outside the UK because of something called your IP Address, but we’ll explain more on that later.

The solution to accessing Sky Bet abroad is to get yourself a service called a VPN. A VPN will allow you to appear as if you are in the UK so instead of being blocked from accessing the site you’ll be able to access as if you were in the UK.

Just follow the 6 simple steps below to get yourself a VPN and use it to access Sky Bet abroad.

How to access Sky Bet abroad:

  1. Visit the VPN provider ExpressVPN and click Get ExpressVPN.
  2. Select a package length, enter your details and complete payment.
  3. Visit the Products area of the website and download the correct software or app for your device.
  4. Install the app or software, run it and login when required.
  5. Press Selected Location and select United Kingdom.
  6. Press Connect.

30-day money back guarantee

See the example below that show you just how easy it is to connect.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK

Play anywhere using ExpressVPN.

It takes around 15 seconds for the app or software to connect.

Once it’s connected any websites you visit will think you’re in the UK.

All you need to do now is visit the Sky Bet website and rather than seeing the block message from earlier you’ll be able to login like normal.

Once you’ve finished, you should quit the Sky Bet website and then press Disconnect on the ExpressVPN app or software.

It’s important not to disconnect while still connected to the Sky Bet website as this may cause problems for yourself.

Alternative VPN services

There are plenty of VPN services out there and you don’t need to stick solely with ExpressVPN.

We recommend ExpressVPN because they’re fast and easy to use, they also scored highly in our recent review.

If you want to check out the competition then a few more providers we recommend are:

The process is exactly the same as with ExpressVPN, simply click on one of their names and sign-up.

All you need to do is select the United Kingdom and Connect. The app or software layout will look a little bit different but they work the same.

30-day money back guarantee

Why is Sky Bet blocked?

Sky Bet is for use only in the UK. When you travel abroad they can’t distinguish if you’re a UK resident or a foreign one so they block you from accessing.

Every internet connection is assigned what is known as an IP Address. An IP Address helps the internet function but it also tells websites your location which is how Sky Bet is able to block you from accessing.

A VPN allows you to get an IP Address from another country, in the case of accessing Sky Bet abroad, one from the UK.

When you connect to the VPN and get a UK IP Address the Sky Bet website assumes you’re in the UK and so lets you play like normal.


Using the Sky Bet website requires you to be in the UK. If you’re outside the UK you aren’t supposed to be able to access it. A VPN allows you to pretend you’re in the UK.

At worst you may be breaking the Terms & Conditions of the Sky Bet website and so there is a small possibility they could block your account or make you forfeit any winnings.

The chances of this are highly unlikely because it is almost impossible for them to determine if you’re really in the UK or not, however, you should only carry this out at your own risk.

Now you know how you can access Sky Bet abroad using a VPN, why not share the information with your friends and family so they can access too.


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Author: Christopher Seward

Having used the internet since 1994, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.


  1. Donald Duck

    This doesn’t work as SkyBet uses location services which uses gos to determine your location as well as your IP address.

  2. Sky bet does not use the IP Address it uses the LOCATION on your particular device, whether its a mobile or a laptop,

    So if you simply add any VPN it will not make any difference, its wont let you even into SkyBet if you do not have the Location turned on. This is also true of the National Lottery App, it validates the Location before the IP Address.

    So pretending to be a London IP Address whilst i n Greece will let you see videos on Sky Sports as that doesnt use Location, but you will need to physically turn off Location in this case to get to see the vIdeo.

    Unless the VPN comes up with an Answer on how to override the LOCATION then changing the VPN does JACK for you.

    • Christopher Seward

      Hi Gordon,

      That may be true on mobile devices but not the case if using on a computer or laptop that doesn’t have any kind of GPS.

      Alternatively some VPN apps like Surfshark allow you to set the GPS (physical) location so that it matches the VPN server location.

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