How to access Bet365 in Spain

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If you are a British expat living in Spain and want to know how to use your bet365 account from abroad, this article is the guide you have been looking for.

With most of us gambling online these days, it can be hugely frustrating when you move abroad or even head away on holiday, only to find that you cannot use your accounts overseas.

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for Brits with more than 13 million UK visitors last year adding to the 300,000+ who already live there full time.

All expats and holiday-makers like to keep in touch with their interests back home, but if you are a user of bet365 you have found yourself either pushed onto the Spanish version of the site or blocked from logging in altogether.

But, it is still possible to access and your British bet365 account from the comfort of your Spanish sun-lounger if you are using a VPN. And if you keep reading below, we will explain just how you can do it.

How to unlock bet365 in Spain

It is so frustrating when you try to log into bet365 only to find yourself being pushed to their Spanish site. This happens because they have looked at your IP Address and identified you as being located in Spain.

We will explain more about how this works below, but for now, all you need to know is that with a VPN you are able to change your IP Address and so access the British or other countries bet365 site. And below is a simple step-by-step guide of how to do it:

  1. Head over to VPN provider ExpressVPN – the best VPN provider for expats in Spain.
  2. Click on Get ExpressVPN and then follow the instructions to complete their subscription process. It will only cost a few £ a month.
  3. Next, download the ExpressVPN software or app from the Products section of their website, or search for their app in your smartphone app store.
  4. Download and install the software and then login using the account details you were given at the end of stage 2.
  5. Press Selected Location and Select United Kingdom (or wherever is your home country).
  6. Click on Connect.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK

Unblock Bet365 using ExpressVPN.

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That will tell ExpressVPN to connect your device to a server located in the UK (or whichever country you have chosen). It will only take a few seconds to connect.

You can now head to the bet365 website or use the app. If you have selected a UK server, you will now be able to access the British version of their site. Even if you try to go to the Spanish site, you should now always be pushed to the UK one instead. Once there you can log in and use your account as normal.

You shouldn’t have any problems with this process, but if you do, two things which often help are to clear your web browser cache and/or open a private or incognito mode browser window.

Other VPN providers

We have recommended the use of ExpressVPN because our reviewers have identified it as on of the Best VPN for Expats in Spain.

Of course, there are other VPN provider available, so if you are not satisfied with ExpressVPN for some reason, or just fancy looking for another provider these are the other VPNs we would suggest you take a look at in Spain:

Or if you want the pick of even more recommended VPN providers, take a look at our VPN Comparison Guide which has more than 20 different VPN providers for you to compare and contrast.

30-day money back guarantee

Why is Bet365 blocked?

As we mentioned above, sites like bet365 can stop users from accessing sites overseas by using their IP Address.

An IP Address is a piece of coding which is linked with every signal internet connection. It transmits information about your connection, including its location, to the sites and services you visit online.

So, when you visit bet365 from Spain, they can see that’s where you are and so redirect you to their Spanish site.

But a VPN can fool them into thinking you are in the UK. It does this by redirecting your internet traffic through a server located in the UK.

When your data passes through that server, it is given a new IP Address linked to the server. This tells bet365 that the data is coming from the UK rather than Spain and so they allow access to their British website.

It’s a really simple process but one which works 100% of the time.

Be aware of gambling risks

VPNCompare users should be aware that there can be risks associated with gambling overseas. Whilst gambling is not in any way illegal in Spain, by using a VPN you may be breaking the bet365 Terms and Conditions.

If they find out that you are doing this you could find your account being closed and even find that they take away any winnings you have earned whilst using their site outside the UK.

There is no guarantee that this is the action they would take and by using a VPN your actual location is completely hidden online which would make it hard for them to prove.

But the risk is there and all bet365 customers should only use a VPN to access their account overseas if they are willing to take that risk.


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