HideMyAss Summer 2014 Sale

HideMyAss LogoWe’ve had some exciting news for lovers of the HideMyAss VPN service. As of today 12th June 2014 they’ve launched their annual Summer Sale which means you can make some huge savings on their package length ranges.

We know HideMyAss are one of the better known providers and so many readers choose them as their go to solution for VPN needs, as a matter of fact we even did a HideMyAss review ourselves back in February 2014 and found them to offer a top notch service summing up with “If you’re the type of user who uses a computer for specific tasks and doesn’t want to be concerned with the workings then HideMyAss will be an ideal solution.” Their user friendly service is certainly one a lot of our readers are attracted to.

The promotion runs between 12th June 2014 and 31st July 2014 which gives you roughly a month and a half to take advantage of their discounted sale prices. A lot of sales in both the VPN industry and life in general tend to only be available for a tiny window of time which usually means you have to buy instantly without making a considered choice. With such a long time period it gives you plenty of time to read our review, consider their website and eventually if it meets your needs sign up for one of their reduced price packages.

The offer prices available are as follows and increase in saving the longer package you take. All prices are in US Dollars :-

1 month: $11.52 > $9.99 (13% saving) Approx €7.38 / £5.95
6 months: $69.12 > $39.99 (42% saving) Approx €29.55 / £23.81
12 months: $138.24 > $59.99 (56% saving) Approx €44.33 / £35.73

As you can see it really is worth considering taking a possible 6 or 12 month package because you can save nearly and over 50% on the respective package prices against their normal value.

So if you’re interested in taking advantage of this special VPN summer price just follow the banner below and the discount will be automatically available for you.


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