How to get foreign subtitles on Netflix

Netflix Subtitles

In this guide I’ll be showing you the sneaky trick that will allow you to get foreign subtitles on your favourite Netflix shows.

We’ve all been there, you move to a new country and you try to access Netflix. Not only is the selection of movies and shows different but even the audio selection and subtitles selection is different.

Or what happens when you want to share your favourite movie with your foreign speaking friend, colleague, partner or <insert other relation here>.

The good news is you can access foreign subtitles for most movies and TV shows and below I’m going to show you how.

What you’ll need to access foreign subtitles

You’ve probably heard of “VPNs“. A few years ago they were big for accessing other Netflix regions. Fast forward a little and nearly every VPN service got blocked from accessing Netflix to stop you hopping geo-fences and accessing different content.

While this situation has definitely improved and there are a handful of reliable VPN services that can access overseas Netflix, they’re often limited to specific regions like American Netflix, UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix and a handful of others.

For regions that VPNs can’t access there is a little trick that you’re able to do with a VPN that will allow you to get foreign subtitles without getting the pesky block message telling you that you’re using a “proxy or unblocker”.

First, you’ll need to select a VPN service. I recommend ExpressVPN because they work with the greatest number of countries, but if you want to shop around these three all work well:

Best VPN to access foreign subtitles on Netflix:

  1. ExpressVPN – Recommended
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

Sign up for one of the services and then follow the steps below to use the VPN to get foreign subtitles on Netflix.

30-day money back guarantee

How to get foreign subtitles on Netflix

Now you’ve got a VPN service you’ll be able to use it to get foreign subtitles on Netflix.

Follow the steps below to find out how. Skip the first step if you’ve already signed up for a VPN.

  1. Visit ExpressVPN and sign up for their service.
  2. Download their app from the ‘Products’ section of their website
  3. Open the app and login.
  4. Press Choose Location.
  5. Select the country that has the subtitles you require and press Connect.ExpressVPN South Korea
  6. Once the app has connected visit the Netflix website or open the Netflix app.
  7. Select the movie or show you want to watch and choose the subtitles you need.
  8. Go to play the movie or show and wait for the “proxy or unblocker” block message.
  9. Disconnect from the ExpressVPN app.
  10. Refresh the Netflix movie or show page.
  11. Play the movie or show and you’ll notice you still have the foreign subtitles showing.

Your mileage may vary with the above solution and it can depend on what kind of device you’re using.

For example devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, phones and tablets allow you to select Subtitles before playing a movie or show. Regular computers don’t so you’ll need to have accessed that language in the past if you’re using a computer system.

Another consideration is the movie or TV show you’re watching needs to be available in both regions.

If for example you want Korean subtitles but you’re in America. You’ll need to make sure the movie or show is available on both the Korean Netflix site AND the American Netflix site.

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Alternative subtitle solutions

If you’re using a device that doesn’t work with the above solution then it’s worth going into your Netflix account / settings area.

You can change the language of the entire site here. This sometimes will enable access to subtitles from that region if available.

It’s worth remembering that the entire site will change to that language. You can change the site language back afterwards and you should still have access to the subtitles you require.

Conclusion: How to get foreign subtitles on Netflix

If you need to access subtitles on Netflix that aren’t available for the movie or TV show you want to watch then your best bet is to get a VPN app.

A VPN allows you to temporarily connect to another region to “enable” the subtitles you require. Once you’ve disconnected from the VPN the subtitles will still be available.

For this I recommend using ExpressVPN. You can sign up for their service by clicking the button below. Once you’ve signed up download their app and connect to the country that has the subtitles you need.

Then disconnect and refresh the movie or TV show you’re trying to watch. If all has gone according to plan the subtitles should remain.


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  • Easy to set-up and use
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Do you have any other sneaky Netflix tricks? I would love to know so why not post in the comments section below?

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