Freedome VPN to come built in on TCL Android phones

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TCL Corporation a company that you’ve probably never heard of but will be more recognisable when told they’re responsible for the Alcatel mobile brand in Europe and other locations around the world announced they have partnered with VPN service Freedome from F-Secure to provide their VPN solution pre-installed on Alcatel and TCL devices.

As online privacy has grown in interest and usage of the internet on mobile devices has increased many users are now looking for VPN solutions to protect their mobile browsing experience. Although there are plenty of good Android VPN apps from providers such as IPVanish and ExpressVPN the Android devices from TCL Corporation will be some of the first to come with a pre-installed app.

The Freedome VPN service from Finnish company F-Secure will now come pre-installed on all TCL and Alcatel mobile devices worldwide excluding China. The omission of the app on Chinese devices is no doubt to please regulators in mainland China as the internet is heavily restricted and VPN services used by thousands of Chinese users as a way of circumventing censorship.

Although the devices will come pre-installed with the VPN app it is no free lunch for users and a subscription will still be required after an initial two week trial has expired.

Jedi, Vice President of TCL Corporation said “People everywhere are becoming more concerned with how they expose their personal information while communicating online” and alluded to an increased awareness of privacy tools following up with “they’re talking about things like encryption, and want to know what they should be doing to prevent others from snooping on what they do online”.

Freedome VPN service allows users to encrypt their communications on their mobile device while using mobile data or more importantly on public Wi-Fi networks that are increasingly being used by users on the move and unbeknownst to many highly insecure for sensitive data.

While the partnership is no doubt good news for increasing the awareness of VPN protection it may have the adverse effect that users are unaware of other possible solutions who may offer a better or more suitable service for a users’ needs.

Freedome offers 27 global locations which is dwarfed by some other larger providers who offer a service of similar price. With no monthly packages available users will also be locked into a yearly account.

Chinese manufacturer TCL Corporation responsible for big name TV brand Thompson and mobile phone brand Alcatel surprisingly were the 25th largest electronics producer in 2010 even though their parent company is likely one many have never heard of.

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